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  • Just spit ballin ...

    Wouldn't be cool to be able to see you "Bitches" or your "Friends" names highlighted as well as yours?

    Ok so you know how you go on the global page or whatever the case might be and you see your name highlighted ? Now, stay with me .. what if you play like me where youre constantly looking too see if that kuksucking mayo eating bananna loving ovoo using bi sexual camel riding inbred ingrate is on .. ya folla ? basically, i add "john-doe" to my bitches list and when i log in and i happen to check whichever page and happen to see his name highlighted plus the fact he's online or something, idk figured I'd throw that out there ..

    ALSO , in regards to "free killers" if they don't have a sub or bought creds and they add "WON turns" they shouldn't be considered as a "support killer" since technically no support really came out of won turns ...

    just feel like it would give the actual free players a shot even if they add let's say 5-10k turns

    because if you really think of it only lvl1s can take free killer so it kind of opens the door too why not have best top 3 killers in each lvl so that way its equal on all spectrums .. eh Idk analytics who has time for them