Hey Storm,

I think I just had a good idea on how to change the KP system...

Right now, there are two ways to gain KP:

1. Hitting players
2. Waiting for KP to build up over time

I want to propose removing the ability to gain KP by hitting other players, and have it only be able to be gained by having DUs for extended periods of time. More DUs = more KP (just like it currently is).

Having a KP system like this will switch the entire definition of the medal, while still including all of the same elements. To gain a free killer or family killer medal, it would still be based on the total amount of KP gained during the round. Players and families would want to focus more on alliances, where they are not rewarded with KP for attacking others, but rather, rewarded for surviving the madness that is TMB.

Top killer tiers would be expected to go to players with large about of DUs, who weren't attacked for the entire round. Alliances, and inter-family truces would be more important than ever.

In the event of bringing back the family killer medals, I hope the community would be happy with just the opportunity to have those medals back -- and not complain of any prizes received (or if there are none at all).

I think a new element in the game would be very rewarding for the players who have been here round and round for some time now. Killing is a small element in the game, that plays a big factor. I think redefining the role of killing will help the game for the long term.

Thanks for reading! 🍻