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    Been back to playing here after a long layoff (15 years). Game is not what it use to be. Numbers have declined, those that play show up once a day or less. Here are some ideas that I think would make this game fun again and make people come back and play longer. Hate to see this game fold and die because the owners are just listening to a few people mainly from the top family to keep their dynasty alive.

    Well here goes.

    1. You can't attack your own family members. That removes maxing your bank and earning kill points off your own family members. If I am correct, in the past you had to be outside your family to max hit someone. People use to jump out of the family to max someone then jump back in. Makes it harder to max your bank. Never heard of a mafioso attacking their own bank or personnel just so others can't. This won't remove maxing from the game but it will make it a little harder. You can take it one step further and make it where you can only join a family one (1) time in a round. You leave the family, you can't get back in. That should solve the killer points from your own family. So you either get the killer or the family points. Change it to 3 days before round end where you can't join a family.

    2. Once again, give the ability to FAMILY bank ONLY to the Boss and Consig at about 75% as should be in a mafia family. Then change the Safe Box for all family members to 50%. It's no fun to attack someone and all their cash is banked. That just turns this game into a boring collecting game. This creates more cash out there to steal. Eliminates most bank rolls except between the boss and Consig.

    3. Family ranks should be based on the TOTAL net amount of each family member to include Safe box amount and family bank of Boss and Consig. Individual ranks should be based on what a member has in his SAFE BOX ONLY. It forces you to sent all your loose unbanked cash to your bankers for deposit into the family bank. So what you going to do, play the family game or the individual game? Family members should be limited to 16 members ONLY, or 1 member to the amount of cities you have (16).

    4. Give out city prizes-credits for the top 3 in each CITY. ONLY Safe box totals to be used for city ranks. So yes, someone could win both overall level prizes and city prizes and thus claim the "DON" of Cleveland jab at

    5. Have the ability to transfer WON credits to anyone you choose. Take the expiration date limits off on when you can use these credits. I would love to see someone or family save all their won credits and make a surprise run at the jackpot. A family could also gather all their won credits by transferring them to the Boss and Consig and combine them to make a run at the family prizes also. This would also elliminate the same 2 family of winning the jackpot by buying the win. Smaller family now have a chance every once in a while to compete for the jackpot and family prizes. Makes the game more fun to see this happen. More surprises.

    6. Either do away with killer prizes or make it even and have Looting prizes also. Why are Killers rewarded and Looters not? Far as I can see you are either a Killer, Looter, Banker or Collector in this game. You already have prizes for Killers, Collectors & Bankers out there, why not have some for Looters? Just count up the amount of cash Looted by Looters (minus own family maxing numbers). Change suggestion #1 would eliminate winning prizes off your own family.

    I think if you make these changes people will play a lot more. It will make this a thinking man's game instead of just showing up, collecting and leaving, then showing up at the last hour to sort things out (like Turbo).

    The key to making this game enjoying and exciting again is that everyone has to feel like they can actually win the jackpot. Just a lot of planning and patience and you could win the jackpot instead of just buying the win. That's no fun to just buy a win. Don't worry about your bottom line, people will still buy credits to try and take the win but these changes will make it a little harder to do that. I for one would still buy subs just to get more turns.

    Anyway, hope you guys consider these changes. Maybe we can go back to the days with no bots and a huge amount of people playing if these changes happen.