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    If families have 0 DUS between all members you should be able to rob their family bank, make each hit 500 turns! Add some real competition to the family ranks ..

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    Hi ROME.

    We did try to code something like this, but there was too many bugs, so we put it on hold, as it would take too much time to fix, and we had much more important work to attend to. We DO plan to have a feature like this built into the game along with many other new ways to play, but we also have to now urgently upgrade the game code, which is over 12 years old, first.

    In this past 2.5 years, we had to do some very big jobs on the game, consisting of upgrades to old software: operating systems, database, security and server config, and also we moved the entire game over to a newer, better, more modern, internationally recognized and approved server hosting company, to try to eliminate lag and improve the overall architecture of the game and server layout. All of this is very necessary to do before we can think of upgrading game play, as we want to add improvements that are quite complex to do on the old code version, which we now currently using.

    So we are busy working on that right now, it is a huge job and as soon as we are done, we will continue to provide new things for all types of players Already on the list is bank attacks, revise about kill points/revenge, and then also, we are creating a mobile friendly version of the entire site, which we already started the first main menu page, just to name a few things that I know we will provide in the near future.

    Game Admin