While I believe in free speech and the right for everyone, no matter how retarded, to have a place to post their opinions and beliefs, I believe for the good of the game the off topic board needs to be accessible via a link and the posts themselves should not appear on the front page of the game.

Exhibit A,

Started by MrWorker, 2 hours ago

The dribble contained in this post would be enough to turn any normal person of the game before they even start.

The contents of the post is quite remarkable, the only way I can see it could be achieved, is by a schizophrenic Sasquatch, bashing himself other over the head with a faulty keyboard and then masturbating over the broken wreckage. The fact that this strange person has an internet connection is a miracle in itself.

The author should be aplauded, as some of his content is quite remarkable in it shear stupidity, however, crap like this has no place on the front page of a mafia game.

No offence to the writer is intended.