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Concept for a new bot looting mechanic

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  • Concept for a new bot looting mechanic

    A random thief who just robbed a bank is on a getaway with his stolen loot! This guy isn't your typical mugger or drug dealer with but little pocket change.. This is an idiot rookie who bit off more than he can chew, and is loaded with billions and billions (insert trumps voice) AND BILLIONS of dollars.... it's your job as a looter of your mafia family to intercept this thief and steal what he has stolen. And keep the money out of his pockets, the pockets of the authorities and more importantly in your family bank!

    It'd be nice for some options to encourage more players to take up looting roles. God bless the looters in this game.

    But atm, it's pretty cookie cutter and 1 dimensional. There is room for improvement. I'm sure you've already considered coding in complex things or thought of ways to make bots more interactive such as bots hiring for protection. That sounds complex and not really worth the effort. So this post isn't arguing to make this game more complicated than it needs to be. (change is nice, but needs to be done carefully.)

    But it would be nice to have some kind of a random bot spawn with a lot of money, way more than your average bot.

    Perhaps making the bot travel constantly and spawn at random times. It's like a mini-game, a mini lottery that can't be consistently abused by potential cheaters.

    Looting requires dedication that demands you spend all day staring at their screens scouting for bots who haven't been orally and anally sodomized to death by 15 macros every hour on the hour; the legit looters deserve something for their hard work; something to get their heart racing..

    There is also so much politics in this game- even looting players during their bankrolls causes bitches to whine and start drama. There are rules in place for killing looters, yet still people really get their feelings hurt when you loot them. It's nice to use looting to send a message sometimes, but if bots are expected to be the primary source for looters, the random BIG moment element would be nice.

    Killers and collecters all have big moments in this game.. For a killer, it's when you set your timer for 50 seconds during a build/hire off...
    With multiple tabs open with all your targets, And when you are spamming your attack, waiting for them to make a mistake in their hiring time... and then catch them slipping. (or in some cases, you're waiting for their internet to lag so their fucking macro gets fucked up for a second and you still zero them. (PNASTY-Cough*) Or when you trick him into turning his macro off by playing possum and letting him zero you, only to spring back up seconds later and smack him when he turns his macro off thinking he's won. Or when they accuse you of using macros yourself because you have autistic-like dedication to hire every 50 seconds on the second thanks to GOOGLE TIMER. And too much of an ego to consider doing it any other way than legit.

    I highly digress and apologize for my rant. A collectors big moment is obviously collecting the most money and winning the fucking game :P..

    Looters need to have some cake too, considering their role requires so much effort and is underappreciated enough as it is.

    Take care TMB community, and thank you for taking the time to read my stoned rant.