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   Proposal Solo Player Miniature Mini Round

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  •    Proposal Solo Player Miniature Mini Round

    Solo Player Miniature Mini Round

    Round 40433: (or something like that)

    You join the round, Covid-19, killer bees, Democrats and Republicans, Christians, Muslims, Atheists and Scientologists alike; have all had their way with The TMB Society. And only the most determined of individuals were able to make it out of the apocalypse alive and on their own.

    The Banks are down, making wiring to any friends impossible. Networth, names, and other information is hidden, and intel is harder to obtain. Weapons are sparse and old luxuries like narcotics are a lot harder to get ahold of. You are more likely to stab a man for his canteen than cooperate with him by any means. And that is the way it’s been for hundreds of rounds.

    With disease and other disparities, it would make it impossible to ever work with anyone. So, the era of mastering the art of survival began.

    360k credit cap? Maybe uncapped?
    Round Length: 24 hours
    Family size x1
    transfers disabled
    Black market disabled
    Bots spawn with random loot
    I’m also thinking it’d be nice to have other measures to dissuade players from teaming up, like having cash disabled (or worthless) and having some other sort of unlootable currency? Or make killing/survival/looting the mark in which you issue certain jackpots or prizes.

    I understand this is a mafia role-playing game, and the mafia do hang out in groups. So perhaps this post is going to be taken poorly. That’s fair.

    Obviously my lore to this is terrible, but the point I’m trying to make is that it’d be nice to have a way to showcase true individual skill.

    My goal isn’t to change the state of the game just to have a way for players to show their skill outside of the traditional rounds and mini rounds; It’s also a way to advertise to new players. They can hop right into the gameplay, learn the rules and not have their game experience ruined by a mob of veterans. They can get initiated into that style of gameplay more gradually.

    I hope this post doesn’t sound like I am too dissatisfied with the state of the game. I really enjoy this game, and I know most of you veterans do too… I just want to see more players join our lovely community of cunty goons and saw that something like this near the end of the round could really keep things spicy, and as I said, be a good platform for noobs to get a grip on the game.

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    No, it doesn’t sound like your Unsatisfied at all. It sounds like you enjoy the game and you’re wanting to see something that mimics a dystopian society to see how it pans out?

    that seems like an interesting idea. Maybe a 24 hour turbo wouldn’t be a bad idea, but the programming in that kinda thing — whew!

    Your idea will be presented to the staff and we will look into it. Thanks for sharing your idea! Keep them coming!


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      very interesting. some small code changes and we can do some versions of this ideas for solo or smaller teams. thanks for giving some feedback
      Game Admin