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  • Dear Admin

    Why do you help players to disban their family when it's no leaving family round. What' is the point of the rules if players can just get booted and you guys always help the boss to be free???

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    Hi - We dont want anyone to get stuck alone. It is also a rule for the round. Sometimes players form families by mistake start up and their guys form another family at same's for these guys that we got the rule, plus also giving boss power to remove players they don't want in their family.

    when you get booted by boss you leave with no cash.

    Please PM me in the game if you need to discuss something else related to this


    Game Admin


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      If you read each rule segment each round youd know them as they in a drop down menu and explains everything making a forum thread crying doesnt help only makes you worse as 99% of families or ppl in game if your new will tell and belp you