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Double Subprices will kill the Middle-Class

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  • Double Subprices will kill the Middle-Class

    Vote yes or No!

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    Fingers crossed the discounts come back


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      Hi everyone

      yes we will host specials from time to time so please be on the lookout for these.

      We have always made it clear for each round, that we were running a special for that round...and provided details for each was not a generic permanent feature...but we do understand the sudden removal of this as an ongoing special offer is not easy on the community.

      It will not be hosted often as before where we had it running all the time - as we have had input and feedback from players and noted ourselves that there is vacuums created in level 3 and 2 due to the easy and cheaper availability, all the time.

      So we have been reviewing everything we do around this, on give away with credit packs, and also for promo and discounts so that we don't cause this levels attrition to continue by actions that we do as game management.

      We will make sure in future to give adequate notice when we run specials, and when it will end.

      Game Admin


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        So you choose to do it now when the economy and most among us are struggling.

        Maggie Thatcher springs to mind look her up


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          Honestly, and I've been saying this for years (this ain't me shitting on the game or anything like that) --- Lvl 4 subs should be $20 per MONTH. No other online game I've ever played wants $90-$180 per month ... just for membership.

          The problem (from my point of view) has always been the credits sales. They just nullify the hard work of the families and players who win credits each round. A "free" player that only buys subs might take a month or so to get up to 90k won turns - and that's if they're in a good family or hardcore-rankwhoring - but then there are players coming in and buying like a MILLION turns and just absolutely dominating families that are more active and play significantly more hours per round.

          ie. Look at MoneyMakingMafia from last round. Was bottom of the ranks all round, but because they had TMK and his limit-less credit card with them, they absolutely dominated the ranks at EOR.

          We need cheaper subs, so that everyone can afford to get them ... and significantly reduced credits sales, so that "ballers" can't just come in and unfairly take ranks they haven't earned.

          ... and also, as the boss of a small growing family, I can 100% say that it's damn near impossible to convince people to buy subs these days, because they just don't make a difference when the game has got 2 or 3 players buying 1M+ credits per round ... and those players can single-handedly collect more than an entire family of lvl 4's looting/collecting ALL ROUND.

          ie. Look at SouthSide -- they're nearly always subbed up with 12+ level 4's, and they rarely even get top 3s, let alone a golds ... and MaXx has been ranking himself for years, and still doesn't have a JP win. That's not a knock at SouthSide ... that's proving my point that there are guys with 1M+ credits trumping full fams each round.

          I've always said that the JP should go to the FAMILY that's done the most in the round and are willing to devote that cash to a JP win instead of a fam rank ... it shouldn't be who's willing to gamble the most RL-cash in the final 15 mins of the round.

          If these big ol' spenders are looking to gamble ... or make money ... try poker or something lol ... don't go ruining the game for everyone else.

          That's just my two cents worth.
          Last edited by Clutch; 05-21-2020, 02:37 AM.


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            Per month or round ?


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              Thanks for the feedback here and in my inbox @Everyone.

              Game Admin


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                Thread has been closed and moved to game suggestions so we don't lose your feedback
                Game Admin