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Alternate the Jackpot Structure

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  • Alternate the Jackpot Structure

    This round and the turbo have been played quite differently than the typical round. At first, I thought it was quite pointless, but in 7 or so days it has grown on me. This round and the turbo have not been about the money. Families and unions appear to be working more toward setting up a rewarding player to win rather than the typical one player spends and takes the round by his (or her) effort alone. I know that you can accomplish the same thing with a cap, but with a cap you are handcuffing people that like to hit and hit back. There is only so much rebuilding that can be done in a capped round. I think it might be worth looking into doing a a cashless jackpot set of rounds (i.e. one main and its turbo) like once every two months or so.

    What is everyone else's thoughts on this?