With the last turbo being a regular turbo(no ratio), I found it was lacking some spice, as with all no ratio turbos.

How would you guys feel if every turbo were to be a 10-1 turbo? Any major cons you can think of?

One drawback I note is that looting isn't as important for ratio turbos as it is in non-ratio turbos. To mitigate this consequence, we can increase the net worth and the reset amount of the bots every 3 hours, finding the perfect balance to make looting important in ratio turbo's as well.

On the same note, I can see player's complain that ratio turbo's tips the scale even more towards subbed players than free players. Although this may be true, I believe that by adjusting the value of the bots, it allows the free players to still have a huge impact if they are good looters. With the headquarter hits being only 4 turns per hit and free players making 25,000 turns every 16 hours, they have more than enough turns to loot as much as they can, which isn't even the case for main rounds as they can run out of turns after 2-3 good looting sessions.

Who else agrees that every turbo should be a ratio turbo? why or why not?

I am hoping that if enough players voice their opinion and vote yes, storm will take this into consideration for all the future turbo rules.