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    I'm probably gonna get bashed for this but I don't give a shit... With as many level 4s that are around today there needs to be rules in place to help out those who are free players... I've noticed there's quite a few level 4s who like to bully free players all because they know they can't build enough to take them on. This right here is one reason why alot of new players won't even play very long. They're not gonna login for the first time and go buy a sub right off the bat. Yes there's a "protection" period but that only last for a short time... It's honestly bullshit. Something needs done so this game can grow. Make it to where only certain levels can hit certain levels 1s can hit other 1s and 2s, 2s can hit 1s, 2s and 3s, and 4s can hit 3s and 4s.