Hi guys,

what do you think about new prize structure that would be based on better rewards for players?
Currently we have a situation that only 1 players get cash reward, other have to satisfy with turns prizes... This work fine so far... But, how about this system of rewards...

TOP 3 players (supporter players LVL4) should get CASH + turns

1st place gets 70% JP + 150.000 turns
2nd place 20% Jackpot + 135.000 turns
3rd place 10% JP + 110.000 turns

Best supporter killer should get 50$ or 75$ + turns

Best free player gets 20$ + turns

Other prizes stay the same or are adjusted accordingly....

Would you approve those changes?
Do you think more players would compete to win prizes? Would this game bring some old players back and a new players as well?

Would you spend more money on it? I know I would!

Thank you all,