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  • Got To be time....

    ... to stop closing threads in which players point out problem to administrators... We are not in North Korea you know?

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    Hi Boba and everyone reading this...

    i do understand the issues, and i do understand players get upset and i do understand WHY you are upset. You have every right to be upset. I have been working with the coder to try to get things fixed, i have also asked new people to check it out and see what can be done as we still dont know what the cause is.

    The problem about allowing threads to remain open and to allow players open season to jus bad mouth everything generally is that player's just carry on complaining indefinitely and it doesn't help me to solve anything and just creates an even worse morale in the community. I was a player once. i know how frustrating lag is. I certainly dont enjoy having a game that performs poorly and its definitely not in the interest of the business to have such performance.

    Also players who have other agendas use it to try to make things even worse than it should be. yes we are not in North Korea, but we have rules in place for good reasons.

    I am really, really sorry about the lag at last round end and in general, it seemed okay for most of the round but everything just went shitty in the last hour again when the server was really loaded. We are working on it...have been for 3 weeks now and we are STILL struggling. I really thought it was better, but its not.

    I will keep you all posted on our progress
    Game Admin