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Turf Wars, Businesses, Inner city, Crimes, Safe house, Family wars, Account inactivit

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  • Turf Wars, Businesses, Inner city, Crimes, Safe house, Family wars, Account inactivit

    I have some really good ideas that will turn The Mafia Boss into one of the most realistic mafia games on the internet.



    [+] Turf Wars

    So i came up with the idea to have turf wars and these turf wars happen in every city and every city has a map of the city for example New York turf map will be the real New York or Las Vegas turf map will be the real Las Vegas.

    And what will happen on these turf maps? - Well on these turf maps there will be businesses(will be explained later) and these businesses can be purchased.

    Can these businesses be attacked and owned by families? - It can be attacked by anyone and these businesses won't be owned by a families because it won't give other players chances to actually own a business so these businesses will be owned by individuals and an individual can own up to 3 businesses max. on every map there will be restaurants, gas stations, pharmacy's, corner stores, gun shops, casinos,strip clubs you know businesses that are in real life and on every map there will be 20 businesses.

    How can a player take another players business? - Well if you want to attack their business it will be available in the attack options, and if you want to take another players business then wait until they don't have enough money to keep their business up then they will get shutdown and a new individual would buy the business.

    Why add this feature if we can already attack headquarters and etc? - Because players get to own an actual business and make money from it and their business really gets attacked besides pretending to have a headquarters that gets attacked and money gets taken(no offense to whoever coded this game) if this feature gets approved then when families go to war with another family then they can attack another individual business because it will affect their income of money.

    How will these businesses make money? - It will generate a certain amount of money everyday, for instance if a Pawn Shop makes $5,000 a day then everyday that individual will get $5,000.

    [+] Inner City //

    So what exactly will be in the inner city? - Airport, Bank, Casino, Drug Farm, Hospital, Police Station, Restaurant & Bar, Safehouse, Prostitution.

    Can you explain those places? - The airport will be to travel to other cities. The bank is where you can deposit, withdrawl money and you can even send other players money. The casino is for anyone who is either bored or loves to gamble they can win some and lose some. The drug farm is where we can sell the coke, weed, alcohol we produce and sell it other players or robots who just appear and ask for some and they buy it. The hospital will be for players who got attacked too much and died they will have to wait a certain time until they can play again. Police Station is for when players does a certain crime too much and they get caught and with this feature you bail people out of jail. The restaurant and bar is where we can move the chat and players can buy drinks and food and on the side will be a chatbox so they can chat with other players there at the bar. The safehouse is where you can buy properties like houses and apartments and beach houses you know stuff like that. The prostitution is where you go go and do business with prostitutes to increase your happiness percentage.

    [+] Crimes // Must use turns in order to do any crime and the Crimes section is a section where you make money from real crimes, with this feature we can get rid of the "Collect" tab.

    So what crimes can be committed? - Prostitution, Hit List, Burglary, Bank Robbery, Extortion, Illegal gambling, Loan shark.

    Can you explain these crimes? - Prostitution is where the your prostitutes can please other players and you can make money from it or just type how many prostitutes you want there and come back the next day and collect your money. Hit list is where a player puts a price on another players head and if soemone puts that player in the hospital they get the bounty money, Burglary is where you can rob places and get stuff like weed, alcohol, coke, money, guns even cars but it cost a lot of turns and the crime won't be easy. Bank Roberry is where you rob the bank in that round and take 80% of every player's money they stored in the bank but in order for it to happen they need a team of 4 people and each player needs 1,000,000 or whatever the max is for turns on this game. Extortion is where is a player is entering a new city and is afraid of getting everything destroyed by another player they can pay other players to protect for 72 hours and and every 24 hours that person pays that player who is protecting them.
    Illegal gambling is where players in that city get together and play dice and other illegal gambling games. Loan shark is where a player needs money and you give it to them and by a certain time they have to pay all of it back or the person they owe money to can attack them but the catch is every attack automatically kills 20,000 defenses.

    [+] Family Wars

    So what exactly happens in a family war? - two families will go to war and what will happen is there will be a damage percentage will be kept and for example if the Genovese Crime Family went to war with the Bonnano Crime Family the war will last 72 hours and after the time is up they see which family done more damage and whoever did wins the war. Another way they can win is is the assassinate the Boss, Consigliere, and Underboss of their enemy.

    How do they assassinate them? - Well it will be in the attack options only if families go to war with each other and to assassinate it cost 20,000 turns or whatever the max turns are on this game.

    [+] Account inactivity

    What is this? - to save space for people who really want to play this game for any player this is inactive for over a year their account has to get deleted now i know it seems unfair but we have to do what we have to do.


    [+] No family closeups

    What the heck is this bro? - Ok so say if a started a very successful family and we have major beef with another family and one day a new round starts and the family we had beef with decided to take our old family name so we couldn't start it up. And because it helps with keeping the ranking and wars cycled in the families which will equal less stress and less having to have links and pictures so when we start the family we have to edit the settings.


    No offense to the moderators, admins, staff and helpers this is just ideas i think will put this game at the top of the charts because other games have some of these features but they have it where people permanently have stuff like businesses there are multiple mafia games i played and i tried to own a business but it is owned by a player who had it for 2 years straight now the game isn't fun but if people see that every new round they have a chance to own a business they just need to work like a real Mafia Boss to get it.