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My concerns regarding the upcoming rule changes

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  • My concerns regarding the upcoming rule changes

    These new rules will reduce looting and banking into an oversimplified system that encourages lazy, independent gameplay.

    With family and union banks at 100%, what will be the point of transfers (aside from EOR transfers for tier ranks)?

    These rules will end bank rolls and the banking we see within unions. The teamwork and organization that is required for these tasks will be replaced with the mere necessity of having a single family or union member online every 3 or 4 hours.

    My favorite part about these new rules is that free players will have triple the amount of turns. Assuming free players also start with 7,500 in reserves, the amount of turns a free player generates + starts with in a round (without letting turns max) will go from 43,500 turns to 123,000 turns. This will result in the amount free players will be able to collect (without letting turns max, 100% op happiness, and a perfect 50/50 use of turns for hire/collect) go from 41.6 billion to 332.8 billion.

    With these new rules, if a free player is not killing, they should be hiring ops. It will be wiser for all looters to do some sort of hybrid loot/collect strategy, seeing that they will have much greater collecting power. Additionally, we will no longer see players storing their extra cash into planes or cars, so looters will no longer have a need to have a good amount of du's to loot these planes/cars. Thugs and bodyguards will be for killers only.

    With family/union banks at 100%, there will be no need for the personal safe. I have no problem with this. Instead, we will be able to bank and unbank as we please with no penalty. As soon as we collect or find loot, we will ensure every last dollar of the money is safe after a few simple clicks on the bank page. Good targets for looting will become a rare commodity.

    Sure, there will be over a hundred non player accounts that regenerate cash at a rate of 1 billion per hour (some accounts being 4 billion per 4 hours). These accounts will be able to reach a networth of 20 billion once a day only if they are not attacked until then, which is obviously unlikely. Low range targets like these with the current rules are small time and hardly worth the time to loot once the collecting begins.

    Practically the only looting targets we will see will be the NPC's and their chump change. There will be a lot of them, so the chump change will add up, making those targets worth looting for sure, but this is still a lousy simulation of conventional looting.

    The only looting with any excitement and potential for looters to make a difference in the game will be this new bank attacking system. I do not claim to be able to predict the state of the game for whenever we are blessed with these new rules, but within this question is my concern--Will the availability of attacking family/union banks every 3/4 hours make it harder or easier for looters to get their hands on the big time loots?

    If I stay online for 3 or 4 hours, checking the who's online page every now and then, I will see quite a few families banking, bank rolling, collect, or just a withdrawal of a good deal of cash. A lot of these players are maxed or use 60 second protection, but a lot of these players make mistakes as well. If some fucktard left his autos on, I will immediately see that an idle player has received a large transfer and pounce on the fucker. I will loot more in that single instance than a free player can possibly collect in a round with no added turns. One round when i was particularly active, I looted somewhere around 1 trillion. I stayed online to take advantage of other family/union's banking incompetence and was greatly rewarded for my activity.

    My concern is that if I stay online/around my computer for 3 or 4 hours with the new rules, I will wait patiently for each family/union to become available for hits, only to sit back and watch a single player in each family/union max their bank within seconds. I believe this new system will be discouraging for looters staying online only to have wasted their time. Bank rolls shall be missed

    It is true that the union/family banks will be much larger in networth than a single bank roller, therefore offering more to loot in one instance, but I highly suspect that this will not make up for how infrequently these hits will occur.

    I believe a much better system would be 50% family/union/personal safe, all other rules the same including family/union bank attacking. Families/unions will need more players to participate in each bank roll, increasing room for error in these rolls, of which looters can take advantage. This encourages increased activity and cooperation within families/unions, as well as offering an environment in which the skilled looters will thrive.

    I know that once the programming is done and the rules change, there may be no going back. I hope this will be considered.
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    holy crap! you couldn't condense that a bit?


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      [QUOTE=Chance;117854]holy crap! you couldn't condense that a bit?[/QUOTE]

      nope. you must endure my tangents


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        Schofield, why don't you wait and see what happens instead of speculating what its going to be like? You dont even know what the final rule-set looks like. I have just given an overview and no one has seen the final layout yet..

        Thread closed, you are speculating where final numbers s not yet decided and giving other readers a wrong idea of things.Wait and see.
        Game Admin