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    No Harry the game became a shit show first person shooter because there was too many rules in favor of killing... and people were leaving in droves because the same killer family you were in, was in a position to just zero the whole game, which you did and benefited from for a long time before we made changes again.........and before the rules changed you guys were the only ones left enjoying it....yes bad design on our side but also just a shitty setup that couldn't continue

    I notice you always like to put things in a bad light but you don't know half the facts and don't have any clue what its like to keep an old platform like this alive. And you always talk shit without knowing what is really going on.


    When IU was killing during the tenure you are describing I was playing solo collecting my medal collection. I was a target for IU. I was chased for hours when getting the gold level 3 on my own by IU. That was game on. If you look at my last killing gold I killed 18.x million in a main round. That wasnt that long ago. So how does that mesh with the fake news. Putting in transfers the medals mean nothing.

    You know you have to stop getting feedback about the game and whenever you don't like the answers you get close the threads.