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Your first Ever TMB medal!!??

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  • Your first Ever TMB medal!!??

    Ok people tell me your stories of who gave you your first tmb medal!!?? Was it a family collect, killer or maybe some lucky enough to get a tier medal!

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    Can't remember my first medal, but it was probably a family collecting one whilst in turbos with VBP.

    My first ( and all ) tier medals has been from Avengers. I didn't have any before that.

    Thanks to HH and the great team for each and every one.


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      My first medal was a Fam collect gold from Tammygunz many years ago true story !!!! Love you Brad hugs* kisses*


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        Storm still wont let me get one...


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          famle silver

          2. RU_Friends_Final Cocamafiosa $6,549,540,441,555

          Round 279 :: Family Ranks - Rank 2 18,000 -1737 days, -7 hours, -14 minutes, and -16 seconds.

          i think at that time iu, ru and mbu were all together in one union


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            Round 401 :: Family Ranks - Rank 2 18,000 -1127 days, -9 hours, -40 minutes, and -12 seconds.

            2. RU_WARRIORS ajax $3,998,142,778,676


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              not sure about family medal but indy medal was round 237

              -Level 2-

              rank mafioso net worth
              1. Hollywood_Hubert $2,400,663,960,708

              it was 14 domination era. Short run for 14 but just pure domination was back when you sent your names up the chain to the major banks and they did the rankings.


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                no clue

                somewhere around round 150
                It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.


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                  jesus you guys even know the rounds.. fuck that im not going back that far haha but good on yas!!


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                    collecting family

                    3.HOOLIGANS_RANK Cirkusant $2,696,602,996,460

                    round 443


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                      Round 295 :: Family Ranks - Rank 3 15,000 -1657 days, -11 hours, -10 minutes, and -9 seconds.

                      Black_Rock an old friend of mine back in the UMC days known by the name onefortheroad back then gave me the first medal. Was the boss of Alpine_mobsters, part of the original Mobsters_Club


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                        Raven just check the expiration date of your creds and it should show.

                        this is mine
                        Round 211 :: Family Ranks - Rank 1 20,000 -2077 days, -13 hours, -16 minutes, and -53 seconds.

                        It was with my good old NY friends

                        First individual
                        Round 437 :: Best Free Killers - Rank 3 10,000

                        While being in Gambino
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                          Hitsquad had their 100th reunion and we took bronze from Cypriots rotation. That was probably in the 100s? Lucky Chevy could probably tell you. I'm not good with remembering things


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                            Round 647 :: Level 3 - Rank 1 100,000 -60 days, -14 hours, -15 minutes, and -25 seconds

                            As with my other medals, it's thanks to Warriors


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                              Aww ok thanks Tai