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I just want to have a little nibble....

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  • I just want to have a little nibble....

    Yeah I know what you are all thinking and NO, I dont want to nibble on that or them or it.
    OPERATIVES. C'mon, why cant someone find a way to allow us to take a big bite out of someones ops nowadays. If you have an issue with someone, sure you can kick their DU's butts, but really , as most of this game collects now it does not really hurt them.

    It adds a real extra dimension to the game to be able to chew on some ops. I accept you cant make it too easy as the game goes stagnent again, but if you really have some beef with someone, surely there can be a way for you to give up your round and take em out....

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    Game changes are on the way. Some of them are going to be implemented over the next month


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      Give us a little hint?


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        They have been saying that for a year


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          Changes to the game are made on almost a yearly basis. Its been realized there has to be a fine line...if we constantly change things, then players complain the rules arent static. Since about two years ago you can realize the pattern of rules having a big change about every year, and the game being given time to adjust and adapt after that, despite the positive and negative complained about. When rules change, they apply to everyone.

          That being said, the changes that are close to being coded in are going to be a solid introduction that are going to address what storm has listened to as complaints for the last year, and also going to address parts of the game to increase rewards for active players

          It will be a good time


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            cool. I will get my chompers ready then


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              Yes!! And you should all be excited about this!!!


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                I'm so excited, right now I think I'm gonna go tear a new hole in my blowup doll