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What is the Most Violent Real Life Experience YOu have ever Had or Witnessed?

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  • What is the Most Violent Real Life Experience YOu have ever Had or Witnessed?

    So I was sitting here, thinking about some of the recent TMB posts.. I kinda liked the ones about whats your fav childhood cartoons but how is that mafia related so I thought of this question and I am very interested in what people will say about their life experiences.

    I have had a few violent experiences in my lifetime so I will just think of one to post..

    hmm lemme think, well one time I was at a party and there was this real fuckhead there.. getting drunk and big mouthing himself.. anyways he tried to fight my then boyfriend at the time.. and he punched him in the face!
    I have no idea what came over me but I put this guy in a headlock and started to drag his body backwards.. using his weight, he was about 6'4, Im like 6'1 I was in heels mind you and tipsy myself!

    I mean this could have been dangerous! what was I thinking!! I wasn't I just wanted to choke this guy the fuck out I remember people yelling "let him go his face is going blue"

    My brothers are security guards and they put people in vascular restraint holds and make them pass out a lot... so I was trying to do this lmfao but all it did was make his face go blue!!! wtf??

    Anyways I finally let this arsehole go! expecting all the men then to take care of him.. he runs up the street then back and punches my aunty in the face knocking her out with one punch.. god really disgusting, I know.. I should not have let this guy go, anyways the men finally got this wanker on the ground and we held him there until the police came..

    Probably not the most violent thing I have witnessed but that's one cool story I guess
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    I boinked a midget once. A coroner was called afterwards. I win


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      no has to be a REAL STORY! *mad*


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        That's pretty crazy. Hitting a women though is unacceptable I feel like, and that guy is a real twat to do that.

        I grew up in dirty jersey so I've seen my fair share of brawls and even had a gun pull on me a couple times. Once by police, once by some thug. But the most cooler thing I seen was during my college years we used to go to this bar that allowed underage drinkers in. One night there was a bunch of kids from Stockton college and also a bunch from atlantic city community college. A lot of the AC community college kids are (wannabe) thugs and were standing at the front door during closing time calling Stockton kids "fags" as they walked out. I figured they were jealous cause we had a bunch of hot girls with us that probably didn't give them play threw out the night. They were startiing with Stockton kids for no reason really. Most of us walked by not caring and just ignoring them. Many of us were there with girls and we're not gonna do shit cause we were just trying to get home to an after party with them. There was, though, a bunch of guys from Trenton that went to our school and these were the type of people you don't mess around with. Many of them got pissed and before I knew it I was in an actually bar brawl. While I was in the parking one of the guys broke a bottle and was waving it in the air trying to scare the Stockton kids. Then this one guy named John from Trenton grabbed a thick glass ashtray(kinda revealing my age here, cause you were allowed to smoke in clubs back then) and started smashing people in the head knocking fuckers out. I saw him literally take out 8 dudes laid out flat on the ground. Blood was everywhere and these guys got really fucked up. I left then, right as the police arrived. It was pretty scary cause a lot of the AC thugs could (and might have) had guns or access to guns so it could have gotten crazy if this kid didn't knock these fuckers out. Either way that probably is the most cooler thing I ever saw


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          By "cooler" I might violent, damn auto correct


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            Oh yeah,,, glassings are rather horrible to see.. in Australia there was this trend or faze id say a few years ago girls glassing more attractive girls (I know that's fucked up) this one islander girl glassed this beautiful blonde in the face, it was on the news she was going to be a model but now has this huge scar down her face.. like that kind of thing just shits me the fuck off.. ruin a girls life and future because she was a pretty white blonde girl.. unreal.


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              now fuck off!


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                Originally posted by vbb View Post

                now fuck off!
                Amen lol..


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                  why don't you fuck off you think you have had it worse then anyone else, why don't you try telling your story instead of being a melancholy 'My life is way worse then yours ..'

                  Giving birth is probably the worst pain in the world also learning to walk again .. and if you have seen someones head blown off why not just say "once in Iraq, as I fought for my country I watched many people die, this one time..." Did you know self expression may help you with your post traumatic stress issues.


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                    i dont think ive had it worse than u Aussie! givin birth i lose all day. U WIN MAM!

                    i dont have any good stories.. all end bad


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                      I've actually lost twin babies, myself but I suppose that's not enough pain or loss as appose to an army vet am I right? no fuck YOU fuck off


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                        However, I will add whilst I am now mad, I do have high respect for anyone who has fought for their country.


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                          Women say "giving birth is the worse pain in the world" the go and have another baby.....

                          I got my hands cut up bad once when someone came at me with a knife. Putting my hands to my face saved my good looks but thats some real pain. I wouldnt want that again!!
                          Lying in an operating theatre watching surgeons drilling through bones, pushing wires in is traumatic. As the nerves and tendons were severed, they had to be re-attached then kept perfectly straight, hense the wires.
                          9 months of physio afterwards to try and get movement back in my fingers.


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                            holy fuck!

                            im out..

                            loading gun now ffs


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                              thanks for sharing blind