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    Riley B. King (born September 16, 1925), known by the stage name B.B. King, is an American blues guitarist and singer-songwriter acclaimed for his expressive singing and fluid, complex guitar playing. Rolling Stone magazine rated BB #3 in top 100 guitarists of all time.

    He passed last week.

    I listen to some of the old blues music and coming up from a more privileged time the music from some of these old blues singers that went through some tough times in american history being born black, being through two world wars, vietnam, korea, japan, the depression, I wonder will this music just die and lose its gut wrenching feeling and be replaced by some pop tart wanna be or will the blues genre just die all together.

    I seen pics of this dudes fingers and they are like oktoberfest sausages and it defied logic how he was able to play so well.

    RIP BB King .

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    oh that sucks dearly....great musician

    had the honor to see him live a few times...RIP
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      Seen him the last time he was in the Netherlands. What a great musician.



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        RIP BB King


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          I didnt get to see him play live unfortunately but did enjoy watching him play. I liked his collaborations he did with other artists. Seemed like a genuine person who loved playing and entertaining and partying.