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Avengers making a union with IU?

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  • Avengers making a union with IU?

    Unbent, unbroken, the underdog

    Thats what Avengers champion in almost any quote they give, always being the ideal indie family who works for themselves

    You would think with the increased family size they would show increased strength as a family...

    Eli and Jumbo are two of the people i respect the most, but this?

    interesting development

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    What were they thinking?


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      Gotta keep the grass cut low. That's all I can tell you. Go Bills!


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        all the things we have championed is exactly what we have and always will believe in. We are the underdogs, we are unbowed, unbent, unbroken. We do are own thing so we owe no favors.

        lot of people look at IU and see the evil empire a group of supporters hell bent on game domination and will choke the game to death to accomplish it. I don't. I see a family of loyal members that think of loyalty first much like us. A family that started from humble beginnings(underdogs) to a steady force in tmb. A family that wouldn't bow, bend, or break over the years taking on challenges. A family that did things it's own way.

        Look around the game has changed what once was isn't anymore but those core values haven't changed.
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          Cool story. "Underdogs" who rank every main round and turbo and have tier 4 supporters who "volunteer" for game credits who have also been playing for damn near a decade. Teaming up with the most despicable people to ever have graced the game. I have nothing more to say concerning this.


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            Very well said Eli.

            Exitus Acta Probat


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              very well said super fly

              It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.


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                But it was ok when we unioned with Nameless...?


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                  I like this new union


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                    Originally posted by bLiNd_is_back View Post
                    But it was ok when we unioned with Nameless...?
                    have you been fighting nameless for as long as you did with iu?

                    no need to reply - it's retoric

                    interesting my ass
                    It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.


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                      Eli is 100% on the button.

                      Its funny how no one remembers Omerta controlling the game and Ranks.

                      They even told free players what they could do with there daily turns!!!

                      IU was banking with Omerta then we were refused gun cash for hiting another Omerta banking family for being useless fucking mouth pieces.....

                      Did any cunt complain when we were the underdogs??? Did they fuck!!!

                      Did we complain??? Did we fuck!!!

                      We took it on the chin and hit Omerta and friends as hard as we fucking could!!!

                      V will come back with some bullshit that rules changed to suit IU....

                      The rules changed for everyone.

                      Some familys adapted others were not capable of adapting!!!

                      Uc adapted just like Iu adapted.

                      So we are adapting again.

                      Suits me just fine as Eli Jumbo and there merry men are about the only family and people iv had any respect for over these past couple of years.

                      And some former Iu/Ru players.


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                        he popped up as i was writing......


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                          Mikey did you ask V if its ok to like.....



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                            you never did a thing roughy....nor did iu

                            rule changes did....don't flatter yourself too much

                            also iu only had to rise above the ashes of a destroyed game at that time

                            omerta had been in the making for years

                            one family of unhappy campers can change within seconds or at least one round

                            one Union consisting of maybe a hundred families will not adapt as fast....

                            ofcourse you are too simple to understand this...even after years explaining
                            It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.


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                              Thats rite v.

                              We do fuck all like you.

                              But the ranks just came to us like one big fucking magnet.....

                              Explain how out of your Hundreds of loyal lemons that 1 or 2 off yous could not figure out how to adapt to the new rules at that time???

                              This should be a fucking classic