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  • Sony - Skype - Internet awareness

    This site many use skype and I guess for the school boy or girl using their personal pc it may not be all that bad because really no one gives a shit about you as being important. When you actually work for a company tho there is some things you should be aware of. What happened at Sony recently where they actually unplugged from the internet and installed brand new servers and unplugged everyone from the internet is the new reality. Most corporations I deal with do not allow skype and increasingly many countries have shut down the skype usability for their entire country. I am using skype here because it is the main source of communication for now with many players. I use the corporate gear I get for free so I don't use it. Knowing its vulnerability I wouldnt use it in any event.

    Some things you should be aware of .

    A) Skypes encryption is closed source and therefore vulnerable to (man in the middle attacks)

    B) Skype is not standards compliant. This allows it and any vulnerability to pass through corporate firewalls. Most tech companies know this and will not allow employess to use it.

    C) As mentioned companies risk a barriers to communications when countries and other corporations have banned the use of skype.

    D) Skype is untraceable, unauditable, and undetectable which puts companies subject to compliance law at risk.

    E) Even a mediocre hacker could take advantage of the weaknesses inherent in the vulnerabilities afforded by the skype protocol.

    The cost of the recent hack to Sony is going to be staggering. It will inevitably change the landscape of enterprise internet usage and anything that is not standards compliant will fail over time. Be careful how you use it.

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    Using Open source software solves mots of the issues... more eyes less.. possibility to get back-door open for prying eyes...

    Then again I'm skyping for game only so I'm not bothered if anyone actually read whit what i tourture Capo members..


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      I don't have or use Skype


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        the number of people in the world that could pull off the Sony hack is about 7000.

        guess what the number of hackers capable of hacking skype might be?


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            There's only like 7000000000 people alive in the world.

            I hear people talk on Skype to avoid prying eyes of staff that they are paranoid they may be reading messages between players on the union , family, business, and union boards, inboxes etc that is shared amongst a certain seself-proclaimed "elite" jackpot rotation group ...I think it's paranoia and all together craziness as well as people mainly using Skype to keep secret info from spies, as well as to discuss things that are against the rules. You be the judge.


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              Guilty life without parole!!!!!!!!!!


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                the number of people that can hack skype is in the 100s of thousands .

                I don't think there is a conspiracy about the skype use here .

                If people knew how easy it is to hack they wouldnt be putting important stuff in the skype chat.


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                  I dunno what that all means Harry but here is a song for you



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                    you can read about the sony attack here. they believe that it was phishing through email that started the process but it was more likely skype use by sony employees.


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                      Untraceable ?.. i jusst type skype in google and it tells me how to download it... hahaha shits and giggles


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                        Originally posted by Ravenky View Post
                        I dunno what that all means Harry but here is a song for you

                        its gotta be rock n roll if you wanna dance with me.

                        heres a song for you Raven.



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                          bonjour, je voudrais savoir quand vous vous connectez à un réseau wifi privé, le propriétaire de ce réseau depuis votre connexion peut-il frauduleusement entrer dans votre système de partage de données en ligne ou y accéder dans votre whatsapp, messenger, groupes de discussion, telegramm, etc. et lire vos messages et conversations ? Merci d'avance
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