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Family or Union? Which do you prefer?

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  • Family or Union? Which do you prefer?

    With family sizes being at 30 people, do you prefer being in a family or union?

    A union is nice to have, but you get to rank only 30 people
    With family sizes being 30, you can rank multiple people, and still have a "union" by working with the other people that were in your union but now in a separate family

    Or do you think a union is better so you can get everybody's cash in your union and rank the select few?
    Or is it more fun just talking to each other on the union boards?

    What do you prefer doing?
    Or people with families, how is it having 30 people now that you get to rank?

    I prefer having an individual family, but 20 people sucked, now with 30, it can really work out well I think

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    Far as ranking family for turns I like indi better but with a union as you said. You get to help tier more people and get to have more fun shit talking. I do like the 30 size better though


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      Originally posted by donnyio066 View Post
      Far as ranking family for turns I like indi better but with a union as you said. You get to help tier more people and get to have more fun shit talking. I do like the 30 size better though
      Yes I agree, but with two families(like if I split up my union), I can still rank the same amount of people in tiers(1 for each level x2(two families), plus get everyone a set of turns to play with

      And as for shit talking there are always skype chats for that
      Union boards are for the trolls that join random unions to fuck with them, well that's what I do anyways lol

      Do you think 30 family is a 1 time thing, or you think they will change it to ranking just 20 people in a family of 30?


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        I think. 30 family may be a one time thing,to see reaction but I think If enough people are happy That If will stay. At least I hope

        Yea I also like to join random unions and talk shit lol

        And you make a valid point on splitting union in 2 families I didn't think of it like that


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          Ofc my point is valid

          But me thinking of my union will make them all rank whores now because others will get mad that they all rank lol


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            Fuck whores!!!!


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              Lmfao yea you all Wil be called rank,whores because a single few are only,good,at bitching I like playing,against you all it makes my game more fun


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                Makes it fun to rank everyone just to see how much others bitch about people that do nothing get ranked


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                  Fuck whores!!


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                    Lmao yea ones who don't do shit and cry about,it is ones who make me laugh


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                      It's funnier when other families actually try and get nothing though


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                        Yea it is but I commend them for their efforts


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                          The benefits of a union no doubt has a 1 up on families
                          Because they are more loose. Ability to send cash to many individuals as well as having a personal maxer from the union
                          Families are limited to just working with each other and creating pacts with other families to have maxers etc. But those don't last very long.

                          Personally, I would rather be in a family because it gives me more of sense of togetherness since there are less people.
                          I believe it can be implied that less members = more dependability
                          meaning you are likely to rely on those members heavily, which in short makes your relationship with those members closer and more personal.

                          Most unions do not have this.

                          It takes a long time for a union to give me a family feeling because of the sheer number of members. However it has happened before.
                          Credits are nice, but they come and go along with union members.
                          A successful union knows how to establish this feeling, and that is what makes those unions and its members remain in the game for many years.


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                            Very good reply so e I agree with you completely


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                              Yea well said soe.. That's pretty much how I feel.. Been loyal to only one family for almost all of my career.. 20 or 30 for reasons soe said I enjoy the family as well.

                              saying that

                              Fuck whores!!!