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What was your favorite TMB year and why

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  • What was your favorite TMB year and why

    Tell me your favorite tmb year with your top 5 rounds within that year and y?

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    2010 279 281


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      ah shit i wont remember the rounds but it was probably in the end of 2013 when i first joined HS. nothing wrong with the current hitsquad, only miss Lanska, lee, jayjay and the old ones. and of course that time hs was a killing family, now look at it uggh and shit look at our boss chrispy, such a faggot hahaaha


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        2006/7 alot more people were on.... People I knew... Fun people... No offense. And then 2008 is very close I met most of the ronin folks... I don't have specific rounds too long ago. I'm That's also when I used to actually kill also, now it's more of chit chat and maybe some Collecting


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          everything before family killer ranks...
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            7-8 years ago up until 4 years ago. From my time in the NRV to my time in the Skid Mansion to my time in the Tent. I miss this days. The glory days. Damnit we could have taken state!


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              My fav. was the early 100 rounds. The Generation era

              Fun times.