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  • #46 time i hope a real player replies instead of another iu sockpuppet
    It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.


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      Originally posted by The_Black_Cat View Post
      did lopov buy you subs like danzig bought mackenzie rounds?

      bit defensive....or is he like your dad or something?

      Yeah man how did you know?
      Not only did he buy me subs, but he also bought me 23 rounds on my main account and 16 on my multi

      More like my grandpa I guess, you know how grandparents always be spoiling u n shit, oh wait, your family doesn't even love you


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        Originally posted by The_Black_Cat View Post time i hope a real player replies instead of another iu sockpuppet
        Real players do answer, just only you have your dumb ass fucking retarded opinion that no one gives a flying fuck about
        Must tell you something?

        After so many years, how come more people prefer us over your dumb points?
        It's because people actually don't mind the game, while people like you are just lazy dick sucking faggots that have no one else to blow since your faggot friends couldn't handle some change


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          its impossible to recruit new players cause you cant trust fuckwits trying to spy on your fam and spam d fucking boards only way is to prevent players hiding profile


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            Originally posted by The_Black_Cat View Post
            you're the one hopping from family to family for ranks you former how many families by now?

            i formed a family 5 years ago that still exists and forms the backbone of one of the oldest unions in game

            you made yourself sound even more stupid than i thought was possible lol

            + i don't need a tier4 status zeroing an entire game to make myself relevant you manchild
            How many families i've been to rank myself of pls do tell me ? All my medals came from the time i was in IU/RU. As for the family u created 5 yreas ago, good for you, but u have no skill. Everyone i gave advice to has way more skill than ur entire fam. Keep that in mind and get back to me when u learn a bit more about the game
            Make a pool even if u like, see how many ppl has heard about me and what i do, and ask ppl what kinda work u do here. Im sure u'd get a lot of whiner comments next to your name


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              Only problems with recruiting in this game is :

              1. Boss not being able to remove inactive accounts from the family.

              - Many of these new players spend just enough time online with first login to accept the invite and make 1 or 2 questions, then you will have to look those inactive accounts rest of the round. Okay, you admins have cooperated and remove some of them when asked.

              2. Multi Accounts.

              - Some fucker is making multis like his life is depending on it. When you think about the first problem and then add these frozen accounts with inactive i have to say more.

              Multis are problem more than one way, not only they effect to outcome when you give new players a value but it will also even more make sure that nobody recruit new players in this game. why to waste time if they get inactive or frozen.


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                Multis are a problem now? lol

                Someone tell this guy about Mass_Destruction, or maybe the Apocalypse_Union, THAT was insane. funny but insane lol


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                  This guys has been private messaged by me and the consig, cc'd in messages from bosses saying he hit them and me saying not to. Posted on the boards, the list is posted right there not like its buried under messages. And still on the business board he posts this (took out family name)
                  Can I attack ---- and let them revenge back? Its not like they can touch me

                  posted 2 hours, 15 minutes, and 5 seconds ago

                  : delete


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                    I agree with nexus I started out in a union and the first person to recruit me was Glock 18 and for some reason we got Long and the family I was in talked to you and made you feel at home so I kept coming back and that's all it really took was someone to hAve fun with and it keeper me coming I've been here for two years the union and the fam is gone but I still follow him around because I find him as a friend and that's what makes this game fun laughing and joking around and having fun with what your doing wether it's looting killing or collecting and my fam cut up even when we're being serious on the game where still acting crazy on the boards and that's what I think is the matter ppl are becoming inactive because it's lost it's spunk and new guys get on and see no one here and the ones they see on and get the invite the ppl disappear and the wonder why is the game that bad I think it's inactiveness and lack of that welcome feeling that's make new ppl lose interest in this game so quick


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                      this is another reason why it's hate to recruit new players they don't understand the values of naps and don't listen and the bosses get all the he'll for it I know coco gose threw this a lot and it's not cool