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  • Funny shit

    A buddy sends me this message. Doesn't this guy complain about farming the thread all
    The time ?

    from JewPacaveli_Da_Don
    25 minutes, and 22 seconds ago.

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    May I farm off you this round because....

    from StickyCatBRO
    3 hours, 50 minutes, and 13 seconds ago.
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    Just a heads up. You won't get killer gold.. lol you have no skill

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    Ahh yes but his multis didn't ask you on his behalf.


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      Perhaps cut the guy some slack. He's one of the few left that doesn't farm, and probably the best killer to have never won a gold.

      It's a shame so many people do farm, as it ruins it for everyone else.


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        Blind..... you blind for real

        that cheating cunt farms his multis, Begs the life out of people for kill points and 8nto the bargain begs others to kill his competition


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          I agree with sticky 100%


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            I don't have BONO or a top 2 union full of Tier 3 and 4 players to assist me in my endeavors. And don't even go there with that MULTI shit. IU (especially the foreigners and the players who haven't been there since the beginning) are notorious. Maybe I have bad timing and haven't played the rounds where the competition was not as chock full of Avengers, IU, RU, Jackanapes, and the other regulars. I don't flood y'alls inbox with antisemitic taunting or other bullshit I just block that shit and play the game. I'll ask strangers for help but the assistance is few and far between.


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              Originally posted by bLiNd_is_back View Post
              , and probably the best killer to have never won a gold.

              Other than Jumbo I mean. Jumbo is the best killer in the game.


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                man you have no idea about killing. Bono giving anything away I am gonna kill ya just for that.

                Conspiracies ..

                Blind is he still holding you hostage for that pic he found of you still?


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                  Enlighten us Harry


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                    We dont carry foreigners........

                    just the odd canadian here and there........


                    not saying harry's odd mind you ;p


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                      Roughy you know we don't have any beggars in our family. Our killers are the real deal. We don't go around like some clown protecting every 16 hours from city to city alphabetically trying to find table scraps for kills. There aint no gold doing it like that.

                      Killer or beggar, which is the jew? Killer or Farmer? Which is the Jew .?? Just as he has complained about this shit and calling people to kill anyone with dus and calling them cheaters on the forum. His response to getting owned for his begging and farming is pointing at Bono . What level of lame is this? KILL HIM .


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                        This above.......