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  • A question to you all

    What makes a family own a city?

    Im asking you all but I would like to hear also from Domenico, just to be clear I just wanna understand one thing and I dont wanna start a fight or discussion in this thread.

    Some time ago I interviewed Emir from Hooligans, despite most people said hate messages in the blog it was a very popular interview lol

    Anyway the main subject for what I understood is that Las Vegas never belonged to Hooligans and it belongs to Clericuzo (is that right the name Dom?)

    Because I dont see Clericuzo in Las Vegas right now. And if you say that they were in Las Vegas for many rounds Well im sorry to say this but When I first joined near round 380 I saw only Hooligans in Las Vegas and until this day I still see them in Las Vegas.

    So if what makes a family join a city is the time they are in there I would say Hooligans owns Las Vegas.

    But if its not, well please tell me because Im curious

    I was going to say another example but i didnt find one, thought this was the best since lot of people complained in that interview lmao

    and please Dom, dont get offended, just want to ask people what they think of this

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    The days of "owning" cities are gone as we know them under current numbers.

    In the old days cities were owned due to the designation of border patrol families.

    Due to the fall in active players that's become a fallacy unfortunately.

    Back in the day if you entered a city you weren't allowed to be in you left 0-0'd

    Nowadays if anyone were to camp out in "your" city there's not much you can do about it.


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      I always like when I get a threatening message telling me to get out of a city. That's when I round up a few other family members and we all go sit in that city just to annoy them.


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        I agree with Gasface.
        You went to war to defend your city, double zeroed the enemy round after round, til one of you left the city.
        Now there's no real wars, no way to double zero, so hard to really claim a city, or make anyone leave a city.
        With the game zeroed so much, getting your du's killed off isn't a threat to most either, it's just part of the game.
        So if someone one doesn't want to leave a city, nothing you can really do.


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          Game isn't big enough for city owning anymore.
          Where one family was so dominant and powerful, they said who could and could not remain there.

          I personally think losing a few cities to reflect the current game status wouldnbe a good idea.
          Just a few of the quiet ones, like Instanbul or Moscow


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            I really liked when everybody had their cities and stuck to them. It was also hilarious when people would try to say their city was "on lockdown". I'd usually go to those cities and just sit there to annoy them and of course you'd always have one or two people message you telling you to leave or they would hit you. Amusing days.


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              The guys pretty much already covered what i was going to say. Owning a city is an antiquated idea.

              I brought up Clericuzio because along with Jokers and Original Outlaws we owned Vegas before you started playing the game and before hooligans existed.

              I never claimed to be bringing Clericuzio back just because of that interview, NameLess is still as successful as ever. We do generally consider Vegas home now instead of New York. I mean really tho, look at what nameless has done in the game, look at what hooligans has done in the game. Its no contest which family is more impactful.


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                lmao blind

                I see. thank you all for the explanation


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                  anyone here remaining actually work city patrol?

                  nothing like having been assigned for hours watching for anyone not affiliated enter the city.
                  get the word out while actively hitting the guy...whether you could win or not.
                  you were expected to hit or be tolerance.

                  ya better not have been the one asleep at the wheel on guard duty when the masses swarmed your city for an attack.