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Pending rules changes.

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  • Pending rules changes.

    Here are the ones I got from Storm . I think I missed the summary when it was first printed somewhere.

    Of course we arent all going to like all the changes. I also think it is healthy to discuss these openly.

    Here they are. In the interest of making it easier to discuss. **possibly** I will throw a number into the front of each one. Maybe sort out the responses at the end.

    1• Increase free player turns (presently ratio is about 8 to 1 from diamond sub to free)
    2• Revise and simplify subscriptions to the top 3 ONLY
    3• Revise levels turns/subs and credits requirements
    4• Create simpler DU based kill counts
    5• Create option to Attack Family and Union Banks
    6• Revise family and union banking % deposits and mechanics – try Simulate player made banks

    7• Create NPC “Civilian/Citizen” accounts that carry lots of loot and/or kill points and
    they top up every 3-5 hours
    8• Create very fast moving attackable NPC accounts that carry big bonus rewards in loot and/or
    kill points
    9• Revise family and union prizes-: +-50% of all family/union get prizes, don or boss to
    10• Revise won credits cap and expiry – allow players to create a career/reputation in the
    11• Optimize site for mobile, tablets and similar convergent tech devices
    12• Earn Free turns for game actions per day

    Lots of good stuff to discuss. Heres my take on them.

    1. Ratio of turns from diamond sub to free. This is a tough one. I am a free player so I think it isnt politically correct to say. This is one where the motivation to get a sub has to be from the sub buyers. Once the ratio drops to a small enough ratio I am pretty sure the sub buyer will not be motivated to buy one. Maybe if the same revenue stream can be attained by dropping sub prices so more people will buy them I can see this working in conjunction with dropping the ratio.

    2. Subscription offerrings limited. I agree.

    3. Revision of level and turns requirements. I think a level 3 should be higher , maybe to 40000.

    4. Simpler Dus based kill counts. I am actually a bit of a fan of the current system that is a hybrid. I think its good and strategic to have people competing for free killing and supporter killing to become bigger targets as they kill people. Having a bit of thought into who, and when, and how you are going to kill can't be so bad. I think to the alternative of every kill is the same as any other then it is actually a bit easier to exploit. Killers should become targets themselves just for the simple fact that they are killers. I remember when I first started and people were being suicided to increase their net for killers. This was so fucked up and this simplification will be a motivation to go back to some wanky killing .

    5. Killing family and union banks. I guess I havent been here long enough to understand what that means.

    6. Revise banking % and mechanics. Same as 5 I don't know what that means.

    7. Non player civilian accounts. Recharge every 3 hours. I think this is a great idea except for one thing. I think that there should be a consideration as to where the population of TMB players time zone is and adjust the top ups accordingly. The civilian accounts should have the same ratio in specific time zones as the active players.

    8. attackable civilian accounts that carry rewards for kill points and or cash. I guess the same as point 7 in terms of how many there are in each time zone. I also don't think it would hurt to have some conditions apply that if they hit the civilian they get fucked ... ie lose cash, or there is a plain cloths police man in there where they lose all their shit and or don't collect any turns for a day in jail.

    9. increase union prize from 30 percent to 50 percent of all players. Decrease the family prize from 100 percent to 50 percent. I think this is playing with fire in conjunction with the other ratio changes. You literally could have one big union that wipes out smaller unions with just their free players. I would just be sending in a wave of my 50 percent free guys to smash everyone. Families are already getting only one tier per family and only 50 percent of the turns or a fraction of the union. I think this proposal promotes the mega union . I think this is the wrong thing to do . The reward system should promote diversity. The more unions and families there is the healthier the game will be. Should there be a desire for a group within a union to bust out on their own this should be formulated to make it possible. If it is something where I am say in a union and all of a sudden I don't get along with or jive with the folks I am with it shouldnt be where I think fuck this union is so big that they will fuck me up so bad I don't stand a chance so I just quit playing as the alternative. Families .. there is some guys like UC that like to stay tight in their unit and these guys will get demolished. As well other families coming up and training new people should get rewards for all their players and not 50 percent. The new ones will likely have more motivation to try and get to a level 8 or any level to prove themselves. Some small families getting rewards is not going to hurt the game and it will promote new people attaching their hitch to some family for a longer period.

    10. revise cap and expiry of won turns. I agree with this 100 percent. Your options get limited with the restrictions. The reputation gets diluted with the transfers on . If you are going to do reputations I think that medals won without transfers should boost a reputation. If you win a level rank gold to bronze with a transfer it shouldnt count for a reputation.

    11. optimization for tablets. and phones. how can there be anything bad about that. The media people use in the site seems to have an effect on the performance or lag. I for one would put an option on the persons profile where you elect to not have any media or the chat, I could also go without seeing it to increase gameplay performance. For sure I would program an option where the site turns all media off 3 to 4 hours before an EOR.

    12. gain turns for actions of play. sounds good.

    I would like to add again the option for the forum. The ignore button. This forum is a standard format forum and does have a built in option for people to ignore posts. There is only 10 posts that go to the visible area on the forum. Some people take advantage of this and put every thought that goes through their two active brain cells onto a forum post. Some people like to write how much they despise IU and have 10s of thousands of posts that say the same thing in pretty much every post. Some people like to come on and discuss how much they suck. Now the number of people that are sick of hearing this dribble is more then you might think. The natural reaction is to just not go into the forum. Most of the good discussion about changes gets juveniled with the people that want to relate everything into a golden year where IU didnt exist which then leads to every discussion going into a tail spin and a foul smelly fog takes over the constructive conversation and the thread gets closed. The time for having these same very few people dominate the forum is easily solved by an ignore button. The idiocy of saying well just don't read it is easily defeated by looking at the content of some of the forum at times where ONE person has filled all 10 spots.

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    Are you authorized to speak for Storm?
    Didn't think so.....


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      Im against the ignore button.. Because what about if that person you dislike creates a really good thread.... youll be missing out on it. And your tastes arnt everybody elses taste. people are interested in different things so why cant people be allowed to talk about different things or be prepared to be ignored if they do ? and if you disagree with someone then you can have your say and it creates debates and gets everyone active in the forums its just laziness to have a ignore button because everyone will say stuff that other people disagree with from time to time so should everyone get ignored because its the easiest thing to do ?.. It sounds very boring and closed minded head in the sand and stuff

      Also as drudge said why are you speaking for storm or pretending your a staff member ?.
      Last edited by MrWorker; 03-05-2015, 03:24 PM.


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        I am sure storm would like to hear everyones ** constructive** thoughts on the impending changes. There is a difference about speaking for storm or providing my thoughts at this moment in time about the impending changes. I don't expect everyone to have a thought, or to take the time to write something constructive, or to even read all the changes.
        There was a recent post about changes to the union prize. Almost all of the people didnt even know that this was already one of the proposed changes. So prompted a new post about all the changes that were already proposed.

        So I hope this explains the prompting of the post for discussion. You see I am a bit different from you grudge . I want to hear what other people think about the changes and I don't know about attacking banks and a few of the other items on this list of changes so I will read the comments of people and learn from it.

        Thanks for making it necessary to have to quantify the reasoning of making a post.


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          mr worker ... why are you scared of the ignore button. ?? People that like your posts won't ignore you. Your fans will await your every post. I do not want to be a staff member, nor would I be a staff member. Thanks for your comments , I dont think you are thinking on the bright side . Oh wait over 90 percent of your posts are generated to disturb, women.. ( ie women shouldnt be able to post), Religion, (pretty sure most anyone even an atheist is offended as you being a spokesman for god) gender, politics, anything that you can get a rise out of someone. We get it . Surely a 100% proppa man of God can see the reasoning for an ignore button.


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            Nice one Harry, thanks for representing and discussing again.....

            ..and @ Drudge, I did post this elsewhere on the forums for discussion, so I really don't mind if we discuss this. They are still in the research phase and i still have to chat to groups of players and if the forums can maintain sanity its a nice place to get feedback, plus the current breed of player we got now seems to be more sensible and objective
            Game Admin


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              the women thing is just a joke and women know it no ones offended by it. I don't have a problem with women ore think they less then men.. AS A TRUE MAN OF GOD.. I see everyone equal no matter and created by God and God loves everyone equally since where all Gods sons n daughters.

              on Religion.. Why would an atheist be offended ?. Surly if your an atheist you wouldn't care either way if someone is religious or not unless they an extremist

              Maybe atheists offend me for being atheist..... ? but they don't if they don't believe that's up to them... I believe, its my religion soo its nothing to do with anyone else... however the job of a Christian is to talk about God and that's what im doing... if people want to debate they can do if people want to ignore then just ignore... but people arnt kids and theys no need for an ignore button people need to grow up and except people have different views.. everyone is different.

              I arnt shuvving anything down peoples throats im just giving my views on stuff and trying to warn people about the new world order and the world elites and what the bible says about the end times. It all adds up.


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                Originally posted by MrWorker View Post
                Im against the ignore button.. ....
                HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Worker I can smell the fear!
                Game Admin


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                  mr worker . I just threw in the ignore button for the very reason this post is getting derailed. I go onto your posts to joke around.

                  I drop the ignore button thing going on and edit it out. You in turn either just take the proposed changes and talk about that or just leave it as is as a case in point.


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                    I don't think an ignore button can really work anyway.. unless its like the block button in game. But what about if someones ignores someone and then forgets that they ignored and then they remain ignored forever... In game if your blocked at the end of the round you become unblocked its up to people to re-block ya. But the forums don't work like that.

                    I mean like how would an ignore button work on a forum ?.

                    and harry how is this post getting derailed lol ?. Its a thread talking about game changes you mentioned the ignore button and im just debating you on it. Nothing is been derailed... I BET you want to ''ignore'' me now because im defeating ya in this debate lol the easy way out ignore.. or block.


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                      The ignore button on the forum isnt a game change. Its a forum change. So I apologize for derailing the game changes for the forum changes. I pretty much only want to hear about the proposed "game" changes.

                      I am not here to debate. I already said I am ill equipped as a free player to discuss ratios of sub vs free in terms of the difference in total amount of turns. As a free player I am saying I shouldnt be given an active voice on that decision. I am also saying I know nothing about # 6 regarding banking, so I am sure there is some that do know and others like myself that this activity predates my tenure here.

                      I want a game that is competitive, fair, brings in more players, retains players, and is more challenging, and presents an opportunity to utilize and deploy group strategy at a much higher level then we currently have.


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                        Worker. If there was an ignore button, people would WANT to forget that you were ignored, for this very reason.

                        Stay on topic, or fuck off.
                        Some good points have been made here.
                        Also as an Athiest, you offend me with every mention of your make believe "god" or whatever you want to call it.


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                          Actually in the interest of clarity .. bobby started another separate post with just the ignore button. Lets leave that discussion to the post bobby made and leave this post about .. game play..

                          There is so many pending game changes that each on their own are complex enough


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                            yes please stick to topic
                            Game Admin


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                              I feel single families should stay the same. I'm not sure about the union changes yet. A percentage seems like a bad idea at first glance. It would be nice to see a couple more spots for unions. Instead of 5 maybe 7 or 8.

                              A couple other things I would like to see. One is a union board where only selected members can post to but all union members can see. Thus allowing important information to be seen and not buried behind a bunch of chat on union board.

                              Two I would like to see union ranks so you can see all unions that are made. I was told you were already debating on this.