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  • Bloods Union Icons

    Hey, TMB Family,

    I'm looking out for some of the old Bloods Union Icons.
    I was one of the Original fathers of the Union way back in the good ol days of TMB.
    But I did spend a lot of time away from the game recently.

    With a new PC later and absence I lost all the saved Icons and I can't remember the old
    Web Addresses we used to have.

    If anyone would happen to have one, a few, all the icons I'd be greatful.
    Or even one of the old websites for the nostelga haha.

    Thanks Family.

    Respects & Kindest Regards

    M J. Anderson

    Had Multiple Alliases - DonAngelo , AngeloBruno , ToughTony , Tonino etc. Some I can't remember.

    Had history with Corleone / Bloods Union / Templars / LBGs / Bloodpact / NewFoundland / & More.

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    It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.


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      talk to me brother,,I was an old Bloods memebr..


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        Originally posted by hector View Post
        talk to me brother,,I was an old Bloods memebr..
        AHH! So there's atleast one brother still in the game. When you join up with Bloods brother?
        Do you have any of the old Logos or the Old Websites we used to have made with Webs?


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          icons used to be one of the biggest things I like about this game but now it seems as if its a dying art ... Is that the word I'm looking for? I dunno, but I do know there are still some good icon makers out there. although when they made the size restrictions on media and icons a few years back that did women a lot of creativity.


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            I can make the Icon's. I regained Jasc's Animation Shop and used that and GIMP back in the day.
            And I agree Super Fly, Is it a Dying art.. there isn't that sense of pride anymore or flying a flag..
            There's very few that live by that old tradition. Even the Family media has got to a point where its just
            a standard picture..

            I was really hoping to find the Bloods Icon's. Trying to find it on Google and Photobucket... It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack.


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              A needle in a stack of needles.


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                All i would have would be the flashing family icons B's of all colours
                Suck on it


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                  Hmm.. No NY Logo we used to have in the later years icon?