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IU / RU Free Killers Farming and Multiple Accounts (allegedly) Saga Continues

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  • IU / RU Free Killers Farming and Multiple Accounts (allegedly) Saga Continues

    The top killers in said unions (Roughy, BONO, Trigga etc.. it changes depending on what union/ fam leaders have worked out an agreement on who will take what ranks and depending on who's credits are going to expire)
    continue to do their thing, like attack any low builders ( level 1 players not in their unions, or not part of their list of planted level 1 players who go through the first 3-4 days armed only 30-40% with a net worth of roughly half of what it would be if they were fully armed.... or scenarios very close to what I am describing.) My beef? My original forum thread concerning the matter involved a somewhat different form of fuckery involving "fake" families and unions of alleged multis would go around and get kill points while some would be decoys and other would be suicide accounts to use on the competition.
    Coincidentally BONO will be online at the exact same time as the level 1 killer who will go unmolested the entire time cleaning up the kill point scraps BONO leaves behind so to speak. During the first few days of the round, players like Roughy and BONO and Griggs will kill off the level 1 players not a part of their conspiracy. Now with the current rules being that players have 96 hours to join a union and/or family that means these big union/ family connected level 1 players can safely ( relatively ) plant themselves until the day 3 or 4 mark and then join their unions and/or family then skyrocket above the hard working legitimate level 1 killer ranis with the help of tier 3 and 4 killers who soften the targets, provide protection, and feed farm kills when their defensive units get somewhat low. It seems as if nothing has been done to combat this within the TMB playing community. Nepotism and illegitimate or at the very least questionable playing tactics do nothing but harm the game further in my opinion. Just because the players involved in the shenanigans are big supporters/subscribers/spenders/long time players of TMB does not entitle them to be above the law am I right? The reason I continue to defend the old system of battle trophies (after the missions were removed) seemed much more competitive and less prone to corruption and farming because it required far more time and dedication and didn't so much require the assistance of higher level players to obtain the achievement which if I am not correct is titled " Free Killers " ... here is a list of players who seem questionable in the "free killers" race


    I'm leaving some off because quite frankly I could investigate more thoroughly but what does it matter?
    If any of you have ideas on how to fix the matter or to make it a more competitive and "fair" competition then please respond.
    It is what it is
    It can only get worse
    It will get better
    no such thing as free
    IU / RU / Jackanapes same thing
    What do you expect ...
    I don't know how to read
    Just Pray About It

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    Forgot one...
    Mafioso name: cash


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      Farming is one thing, but you're not talking bout that so
      you need to shut the fuck up...yep

      Your whole argument is so retarded it's just pathetic...shows you know shit bout killin, tried a few times and failed probably whine every time they pass you and you get stuck with 4th lmao

      An example...if bono goes on a rampage and leaves the scraps, KFisher still won't get the kps, he'd have to wait right? and others could still get it...but no one takes advantage, or at least very few, not Morons like you...
      Btw if they go unmolested like you said, is it their fault you stupid fuck?
      NO!! but you probably see them and just hope every time that someone else hits them

      Oh and about the time and dedication shit...did you see how many toh's did Kingfisher do today alone?i logged every 2 hours on he was always there with a different kill count

      Then you log on, and start thinking about conspiracies and shit rofl...Go masturbate!!


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        This guy is a sore loser..

        I posted a forum about a certain player from bread winners farming off a iu player. When I posted it a lot of people responded, a lot were from iu, and they condemned it and zeroed the guy, would have booted him too..

        so I think your just jealous of these guys like bono rough trigga kingfisher and all...


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          Your the Farmer Old MacDonald


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            well at least there's still a few out there that believe in doing things the non-fag way.. Mighty Max I commend their.


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              you must be one of those dipshits Siegel_Da_Don_Dada or bulletproof vest thats been msg's randoms like me askin to attack these sooo called randoms. get over it, its a game


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                I got second last round and was taken out by a uc player that built. Came on once. Within 3 minutes built and killed me and then never showed up again for the balance of the round. The difference is I don't care, or cry about it. There should be an option that is the truth which is you are a simple minded idiot.

                Kingfisher is the same person that won the gold last round. He worked very hard to get gold. If you actually followed who he hit you would note that everything you wrote is a fairy tale.

                Bono,. Spade, and others you mentioned are the real deal killers. They don't need help.

                Kingfisher is an old school killer and just back recently. 5 rounds or so. I chatted with him last round and he doesn't need help.

                Rocknrolla isn't iu but he is doing family duty with hitsquad. He competes and there is at least a over a dozen others that are better killers then you.

                The big families don't really give a shit about killing. It's a selfish part of the game. Mack is a killer, jumbo is a killer, and there is so many of them that shelved to do the collect thing to contribute to their families/union.

                I know a few free killers that quit because of the 5000 turns to hit an op. I think this is the problem. The loss of not being able to fuck up a family or union after either working smart or hard. Who really gives a shit about the medal. I know at least a dozen players that could medal in front of you every round.

                Isn't the conspiracy that you have yourself running around attacking anyone that is going for the killing medal and your multi just got passed.


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                  Jewpsc is mad because he held gold on a multi account for a couple days and now he has been passed LOL


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                    You should try to be on every toh for you to see kingfisher kills. I think he's online for 10-12 toh to kill. It only shows that he's more active than you are. So i think he deserves where he is in the ranks now.
                    Exitus Acta Probat


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                      What a tool, iu / ru / apes are the same. Start playing the game properly before you comment.


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                        Jew Boy your a waste of fucking space...

                        i told you before you wont ever get Gold.

                        Thats why i kill your multi this round


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                          I thought your collecting Roughy? :P
                          Exitus Acta Probat


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                            My books are top of the best sellers

                            So my works done on that front..... :O


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                              He should consider it a fluke that he got a silver or a bronze. Even running all those multis he has he still whining about it. At least his smuck got the name right.