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The WORD OF GOD Church is Open

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  • The WORD OF GOD Church is Open

    ALL come in and take a seat and relax and if ya want to talk about owt anything that's on your mind am here, just put ya feet relax calm down n we will find a solution to these problems yeah.

    here we will talk about the goodness of the lord and we will also discuss daily topics and if you want to join send a message all is welcome.. or talk through private mail or leave a message here. Also use this as a pin board to put up notices about certain people who I believe need help and need to contact me and im here to help.

    remember God loves ya and we are all his children... some are lost because evil spirits of satan that roams this world... BUT THROUGH GOD you can be saved and am here to help you.. Soo as I said come in relaaax and lets speak find a solution to the problems which are on your mind.

    Follow the light