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  • Anti-APP

    Im against things getting too modern.. I don't like technologie n stuff much.. I dint even have a decent proppa these day type mobile till a few yars ago cos I thought they was just for ringing people... but it seem nowadays they little computers... I mena I don't even know how to work a computer proppa really.

    anyway its when things get too modern is when things start to go down hiill because all the cyber geeks take over. Everyone these days is on they phones and it f-ing annoys me.

    And im a 22.... everyone young, mid aged and old all walk around on they phones and tablets n sheet people have forgotten REALITY. They all live on they computers and in apps.

    getting on facebook and twitter fairenough... but a apps is sorta too far.

    So don't upgrade... keep it old n rusty and STRONG

    Its like people like a tradional pub wi wodden tables with holes in and a dart board and snooker table... NOT posh bar and everythings made of glass and everything breaks easily.

    naaaaah mean

    just my opinion on that matter... I would have replyed to joses thread but its on the game suggestions thread so cant.
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    Only proppa peeps can reply there naaaaah mean?

    Here are people that I try to get to join the game.