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Unions and Families 30 Rounds Later...

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  • Unions and Families 30 Rounds Later...

    I for one am very happy about how the Unions and Families experiment has turned out..

    At the time of this post there are se7en Families in the running for prizes, in order as follows

    IU_HQ 9 level 4 PLayers
    NewFoundHell 3 level 4 players
    NaMeLeSs 2 level 4 players
    Killers_Inc 2 level 4 players
    LOCO 2 level 4 players
    UC_Avengers 3 level 4 players

    7 families fighting for 5 spots

    Union Prizes are as follows

    Jackanapes 12 level 4 players
    Legends 6 level 4 players
    Brotherhood 4 level 4 players
    Chicago_Outfit 5 level 4 players
    RU_BWA 10 level 4 players

    WC deserves a mention but currently are 9 members away from prizes with the addition of IC they could be eligible for union.

    So 6 unions fighting for 5 spots

    The families and unions all seem to be very competitive. I included the amount of level 4 players based on the fact that they are able to generate a massive amount of money compared to all other players. With the addition of limiting unions to two players per tier and families to one player it has given all families and unions of all sizes a chance at getting a rank.

    Basically 19 spots fighting for 10 spots in tiers.

    Obviously this is from a collecting/ generating cash perspective which is what most of the ranks are based off of.

    I am greatly enjoying this new competitiveness that has been created.. What are other players thoughts on this? You enjoying it as much as I am?

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    Yes. it is good to see some life coming back to the game. And good to see some old families coming back as well.


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      i like the choices. I think the best changes tmb has done in the recent years are the ones where they made you make a choice.

      family or union. family bank or keep yourself. tier limits for families/unions. All things where you have to make a choice.


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        Fun Times... good times, with even more hopefully changes that are for the better


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          When i recently came back to the game it was like this! I said WTF is this ???
          But after getting the feel.. it really is a great idea.
          In a way has me wishing it was like this back in the day.
          Unions with capped rounds would of made the old round 100ish days amazing!


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            yes after a few bad years we now have a good game going again with a lot of competition...

            too bad some attitudes changed along the way as well but still it is good the way it is now...
            It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.