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    Ok so who's kyle? what hapened in turbo, this thread is non sense


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      Originally posted by King_Kayle View Post
      Thanks Mike, I think you misread it at the beginning I was saying all you guys can do is have a couple people cap and transfer in the last fifteen minutes where as we had no one cap and just used teamwork. Looking forward to challenging you guys again, as it is always a pleasure even if Drob thinks he's a big boy

      Thanks, Kayle
      This is where I can be big headed and say yeah good luck in another 10 rounds


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        Originally posted by timesup View Post
        Michael is ok. big headed but ok

        drob well

        big mouth n no action unless people go along

        alone he plays like a unsubbed noob

        Xiken you're weird and fell in love with a fucking tranny who might or might not be your the fuck do I "only do shit when someone go along with it"'re dumb..I don't follow anyone. .I got the respect of the people I work with by action alone..u can ask coca eck sheikh mike pope realt...there are foes and friends alike ..all action and alot of talk to keep bitches like you in place. .now go suck some tranny dick homo .the opinions of you peasants are inconsequential..I only respond because I'm bored...maybe 3 people on here really know me. The rest get what I give them so adieu and be blessed little children of God
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