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Porello online rap battle: Flash from the past!

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  • Porello online rap battle: Flash from the past!

    I was sitting around on my computer wondering what to do so I logged into the world of TMB, I reviewed some of the best written rap lyrics on the threads of mine and re read most of them.
    I couldn't read them all but I am going to post some of the best I seen since those day!
    __________________________________________________ ________________________


    @MR Criminal

    Listen up home boy,
    Yes home boy,
    All you do is sit at home, boy.
    On the net 24/7 trying to battle like Troy,
    Fuck raping family, I'll just burn your name,
    I wonder if it's even worth it when it holds no fame,
    I ain't no gangster and I ain't no hustler,
    I got my G's and Keys' from being a rustler,
    Took the easy route and decided to rob,
    I suggest you do the same and start sucking my knob.

    My level can't be defined neither can you match,
    You think you can surpass it when really it's a no catch,
    Everything you attempt is either a loss or a fail,
    No wonder why you're always prisoned waiting for mother to bail,
    I'll act like a track star, do what I do and win,
    You're a living disease dressed with flesh and skin,
    Lyrics so teasing you're already in tears,
    Just like that homo crying to Britney Spears

    you say britney spears,
    i cant forget your mamas cheers,
    when she had me in her, fuck you and your gang of quires,
    instead of battlin you ill just sit back and pop some beers,
    burn my name you say? go ahead,
    uuuhhh grabb a lighter, i just dread,
    the type of people that talk out of their ass,
    i bet you bitchy, voice whit no bass,
    i might hav no fame,
    but you just straight lame,
    steppin where you aint got no business,
    what fuckin part of the worl is this,
    sit back enjoy your DP, while i pop that crys

    Damn you guys must of been snorting too much cocaine
    I see people but their just no names
    Oh dang did Crazy just step in the game?
    I think you guys must of had too much to drink
    Was those really raps?
    I might have to blink nah they were just attempts
    That made no fucking sense!
    Mr_Criminal you acting hard
    Don't make me hurt you it might become critical
    you just trying to be another lyrical miracle
    but failed oh well you're right a horrible rap should be a crime
    And you should go to jail
    KINGIE_PORELLO my fello didn't I tell you to stop
    Oh hell no you didn't listen of course I had a vision
    I hate to put you in this position
    Your fault the reason you went missing
    I'm coming after you make your whole world a disaster
    Don't worry you're about to be captured
    Ipause more like I loss and I suck
    I don't give a fuck what the fuck is up
    Who the fuck wants to step up I suggest not one of you stand up
    I'll make all you cry
    You wanna kill me
    I cannot die I'll come back after life
    you all should of kept your mouth shut
    Can you all do me a favor?
    Ask your moms how they liked my nuts in there mouth
    You really don't know what the fuck Crazy is about
    Criminal go ahead drink some beers
    Drink your life away of how much of waste of sperm you were
    Your parents had a good time but they wish it never occured
    If they heard they were having a retard
    Who actually think he could act hard on a computer
    I'll blow your brains out.... sharp shooter
    You guys need some practice i'm availible to tutor
    Well for you Criminal I might need to use sign language
    2 middle fingers up you think i'm saying hello
    KINGIE PORELLO stick to your day job and stop acting ghetto

    Porello represent
    motherfuka thats god sent
    this ain't 50 cent

    this fo real
    coming at ya /one time /rhyme rhyme
    you steppin on hatred /forgetting what ya ya ya said
    man slow down/ before you falll down
    i come around this lazy town /seeing mouthy clowns
    but THERE nothin but /drunks stumblin around haha

    Yo hope you fukin Know me by now N
    Know how the fuck I get down
    spittin comittin devotin my time to the game
    tryin to make name once again but spat straight back
    into hostility and going UP AGAINST NYC
    the one and only fed up sick and tired of loosing /loosing/loosing

    take your time to listen to my business thoughts
    this is how i do my time and i hope its how you do yours
    my guys open doors what bout yours

    UH! Oh yeah, step on back now. Andy Rosato swingin through your hood with the windows taped down and the niggas in the back son, goin free on kingie in the ghetto cause bitch, ya knw my whole family on the police force, i wont hesitate to smoke yo ass, yo im gonna choke yo ass, put you in a ditch bitch, rub you with my glock till my cock gets freezen hot bitch, AND THEN, i aint afraid to do shit cause its the nit picken fuck tit my ass shit HEY I gots the bitches in my clubs and yo pimps on my payroll, the cops come to me cause im the first born yo, my corn rows soaked with blood from yo thugs there porello, dont got shit on this nig hes top gun masta mellow

    I dont give a fuck about a niggga like dlo
    I only fuck with chopps I dont know about a 4.O
    leave ya man stuck like a cold ass photo
    and Im reaching for the sky like a jumpman logo
    cause it aint no chick like I
    Im so fly you can catch me in the sky
    everywhere I glide I push the clouds to side
    put the barrel to ya mouth and make ya swallow my pride
    haha damn did she just say that yep I just said it
    heard you a rankwhore cybersexin for some credits
    forget it
    they aint ready for me
    baddest bitch on this site and I keep the heata clean
    call me colorblind cause all I see is green
    and if you think you a rolla then you betta talk to my team
    heard you had a skype meetin and it was all bout me
    believe I walk it like I talk it
    pitbull in a skirt I do more bitin then barkin

    I swear to God and Allah I'll choke you to death with a dog collar
    I'm off the leash and the fuckin' chain, you twat, I'll stomp ya
    BFLY, I'll put a fuckin' beehive up your cunt with an upper cut
    And leave you stumblin' like a drunk in public with a ruptured nut
    My motto's done been fuck a slut, and I don't mean intercourse
    I just found a baby in the dumpster and I'm pretty sure that it's yours
    Response to this verse? I'd be shocked, you scared little whore
    Bad bitch? Stop the faggot shit and prepare for a war
    I'm in it to win it, you don't even deserve the fuckin' privelage
    You're the kind of dyke MC no one should be forced to live with
    I kid, bitch, I'm just pissed cuz I'm fuckin' you up so bad I got a dick itch
    From your AIDS-infested cumdumpster of an infected slit, sick
    The fact that you have the right to vote makes me puke as it is
    But the root, truth of the matter is that we both have a dick
    You ain't got the balls to match wits, the only time you're on the dot
    Is when that loose pussy of yours squirts out blood on a swab

    fuck a knock i'm comig in right now...i'm myown engirneer so i guess i'm in house....and my flow blow in the middle of this drought and i'm balling and yo bitch is like a nba scout.....ds or jb should never exit yo mouth...or the blicka going in an the bullet coming out.....i got so many guns it's easy to lose one in the bathroom cabienent ,the frig and the couch and a couple mo places just waiting to pull em out....i gotta em in the closet were yo ass is coming out....u got yo purse.. now get ur blouse.....faggot ass ninja sweeter than a fugde round....and i'm straight up no up and down ...and my food for thought flow hotter than salse.....i'm so deep in the flow i might scuba's like a got a cold wit no mucus...god bless me with this skill halleujah....try to follow in my footsteps i might lose ya.....try to touch me then my goons might lose ya.....don't let my cold personality fool ya...i will get a call like "where u want us to shoot em" well chris tucker said in the madula....what u wanna do 50 cal or the ruger chose a nightmare like freddy krugar.....i'm back at it ho.....u will never catch up wit my flow boy yo pedals broke...imma climb straight to the top and let the ladder go....slow yo bullshit down the lights yellow....eastside rebel shout out my ninja bfly....u talk tough till we involve the metal....then i bet bitch ass hidelike dr jekel....u wanna try to be me thats a capital NEVER.....BITCH

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    I will review and place some more of the best rap lyrics to place into the history spot light soon !!



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      Why nothing from buttonz


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        Originally posted by KINGIE-PORELLO View Post
        I will review and place some more of the best rap lyrics to place into the history spot light soon !!

        Don't bother.


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          Kobe gets buckets


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            I will get you into the list buttonz


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              ***Shampoo... trying to get some rap battles started back up. If nobody else does I'll get it started back up myself


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                you can't spit for shit
                watch it you might get hit
                you remind me of Iggy Azalea
                you could be her gentialia
                that shit you spit it's diarrhea


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                  Lol. This is bad. In a not good way .