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  • Kill points

    Kill points...That's what killers play for now

    I personally don't like the kp system and miss the good old days when you actually killed a player and not hit them then wait till the next hour to hit again so you get more kill kps

    Curious how other players feel about this subject.....

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    i dont think anyone liks the kp everyone wants the du hit thing back!


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      I miss when it was dus killed on profile instead of kps


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        Agreed. I preferred the good old days when you only got kills for armed DUs.

        I guess the KP system is meant to make it harder to farm? I think it just makes killing a hell of a lot more like looting than killing tho...


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          Im assuming that's why the kp system was put into place but at the same time it doesn't make sense that someone else gets awarded for hitting a person that has a lot of kps but if you hit someone else with the same amounts of dus you receive less cause they have low kps


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            I miss the days when there was no kill counter..

            why hasn't admin closed this thread yet btw

            Thread Closed!


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              Its called freedom of speech lol

              Im not bashing the game just stating I don't like the killing system.....Thread still open!


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                Thread closed..

                admin tell all the time this stuff dont belong on open forum.. It belongs it game suggestions, or.message storm or tiki with your concerns..

                besides I think they have already said there will be a change coming in spring..


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                  Just asking for other players opinions that's all

                  If it gets closed oh well it does

                  Maybe you should be admin


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                    This is one of the issues that is top on the fix it list, and its already in development to get a new system implemented. It will be changed sooner rather than later


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                      bring back the old way I much preferred that!!!!

                      THREAD CLOSED!!!


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                        as stated several times by admins, the killing system will be changed soon.

                        Originally posted by BROOKLYN-G View Post
                        Its called freedom of speech lol
                        Yes, theres freedom of speech to everyone as also have boundaries stated clearly in the Game Conduct Rules.


                        ...with this being said, the forum is not placed here for players talk what they please, stick to the rules and cut the bullshit as Storm said very well in one of his posts.



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                          Well they're farming like mad. Every round. It will never stop.


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                            killing was always corrupt except by a few good players that didnt farm.

                            the kill point system allows collectards to double down on their investment into subs by killing and collecting.

                            Everything is within the scope of the rules and as soon as you would get back the old system where everyone was killed on day one you will be the first in line sniffling into your kleenex crying about it.


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                              Storm has assured me that when the new system is implemented you will be able to purchase a troll cannon for use within the forum. I can not wait.