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The Trick with the recent Turbo

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  • The Trick with the recent Turbo

    The trick to this recent turbo, is that if someone has a revenge from you.... they can not loot you.

    So if you leave a bunch of people a revenge, then they can not hit you back to loot you.

    I figured out the Christmas glitch. Where is my cookie now?

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    You can loot them till they maxed, if you in range


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      Yeah, but this turbo is supposed to have no range. So the glitch is that you cant loot people if you have a revenge on them. This makes the no range rule go out the window.

      But like you said, if in range then I am pretty sure you can hit.


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        That makes no sense. I see why you guys were dubbed nameless


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          Dude....Bobby....I hope you're joking. You've been playing actively for like the past 20 rounds and you just figured this out? The rules changed a LONG time ago. I hope you're joking, but I think you might just be dumb.


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            And when there is no range you can loot anyone as long as they're not maxed, Michael.


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              I'm not joking. There is a major glitch.

              Basically with a "no range" turbo you should hit anyone regardless of the range. That is true. BUT if you have a revenge on the person, and he isn't in range, it WON'T let you hit HQ, drugs, guns, etc.... Just drive bys.

              This means that the "no range" rule doesn't work then.

              Please tell me if you want me to explain further...


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                Guess what? That's the way it's been for a while. Welcome to round 628/629.

                Please tell me if you want me to explain further... Because, I still don't think you're getting it.


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                  You guys are retarded..just because you do not comprehend what he is saying does not mAke it false. If you have an active can not hit your open revenges hq unless you are in range...your options will be if you can not figure it out from what he has said just post I do not understand


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                    I guess I just realized this.

                    But why say the rule is "no range" when in actuality it is "no range unless you have a revenge on someone"

                    I said this because I though this is a good way to stop looters. Because of the no range looters can hit from all directions, and don't need to get I to range to do it. This makes a big difference when it's a 10 to 1 turbo and there is a lot of cash floating around. But if you see the same guy hitting your bank over and over again, you just have to hit them once then that will force them to get in range to hit you.

                    I honestly didn't know the no range rule had a specific specification for if the person has a revenge or not.


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                      Thanks so you get it.

                      I can't be the only person looting that has run into this problem.


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                        Sorry I meant a rule "stipulation" not "specification"


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                          no, bobby is right.

                          i ran into this.

                          if you just hit everyone and give them a revenge. The no range rule is gone for you the person wanting to hit you has to be in range because if not it will just give you the drive by option. This is a glitch and not what the game intended.
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                            So I'm not going crazy? (Setting up a good joke here)


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                              no you're not, well, not about this. I have theory that most people don't actually play so most what is said about game play goes over their head.