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Is Las Vegas really worth fighting for ?

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  • Is Las Vegas really worth fighting for ?

    What is funny right now is the war to take control for a city. Its not as if you will get some more turns in locating in one specific city or just some of a bonus reward. Or is it ?

    In yesteryears, it was for a pride or for dominance for a family/union. But now, I think its just plain hypocrisy.

    Just want to hear say what the guys over HKU, Nameless and Hooligans think.
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    wudn call this a war bud. but you are right no bonuses for being in a certain city, all about pride and proving others wrong


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        Man fuck a Emir , fuck a hooligan . .

        Let it be know. .


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          Why should pride just disappear? Maybe if locations dont matter we should just have one city where we all play? No we are fighting for a city that we have run for years and we will never leave (Ace-Hooligans)


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            are we still going on about this absolute SHITE!!!


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              sadly yes, but like i said before, its not a war if only 1 side thinks they are fighting one


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                Remove some cities i say.
                Extra ones were bought in when the game was huge to cope with demand. Now the game is a shadow of its former self, we should only have around 6 or 7 cities.


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                  Fighting for cities is a lost art in the game

                  I see people saying that it doesnt mean anything in the game anymore, but look at how much attention and responses drob's posts have gotten on the GRD talking about former city glories. And some of the best wars of the early times of the game were all about city lines and one family/union fighting to keep their borders secure. This is even more reinforced by interviews of old players and how they wax on about it

                  The cold hard facts of it now is that cities dont have the importance that the used to. blind brings up a brilliant point in that there just arent as many players in the game as there used to be, so what city your family picks isnt hard because there seems to be more cities than strong unions/families. I would completely advocate removing some cities from the game, and the game itself has to see this, as most turbo rounds, they remove some cities to increase competition themselves.

                  As for the battle of Las Vegas, i think its pretty effin obvious who has won. Emir had his interview where he declared himself the Don of Vegas, he shit on any family or player who he could think of who might have called Vegas home, and that caused a stir to a lot of old time players.

                  Since that interview was posted, multiple families have risen up to lay claim to Vegas. NameLess, with their old school vegas members from past families, HKU, with their old school members, and others who dont have families but just were offended by those claims.

                  Since that interview, Hooligans has shrunken in size almost by half, been kicked out of the Jackanapes union, and has been reserved to Mr_CoCo asking any player he sees online to ask for help to zero NameLess members. Some of the people he had sent have been forwarded to me, i got a good chuckle out of them.

                  Since that interview. NameLess has gotten family gold two main rounds in a row, a gold and a silver in turbo, and ranked some tiers. I know collecting feats arent a direct show of winning a war, but look at the current game rules. Last two rounds it was 5k turns to hit ops. Thats a family playing smart within the rules and taking what is there to take.

                  I think its clear which family has prospered, and which has fallen apart. NameLess cant kick Hooligans out of Vegas, but while they thrive, and Hooligans falls apart, its pretty obvious which family has gotten the better of the last two rounds


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                    War? What war? You mean the occasional loot?


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                      Let me put this straight forward.....

                      Suppose one of you (HKU,Nameless or Hooligan) succeeded in driving off the other two fams in the future. What after that ? Do you think families and unions like IU, RU, UC and the Legends faction will give a shit about it ? Will they even be concerned that "look its the (new) don of Vegas. Bow down to him." ?

                      And for the ones that call this pride, I am really ashamed on you. Pride is something you have when you stand up against something fearsome knowing that the chances of overcoming the obstacle is very limited and yet you tried. Let me give you an example of pride in TMB...

                      When I was in UC 2-3 years ago (this currently is my second round after a long pause), we had regular wars with IU (who had just somehow conquered the game). We killed each other round after round and yet the results were mostly in favour of them. Most of us were free players then but we relentlessly kept on challenging IU end-end in the killer ranks (lets be honest, the collecting system was dead and buried at that time). Thats what I call pride in the game.


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                        Sounds like you want give up bud.


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                          I Don't really see why you have so much interest in it, if you don't give a shit about it?


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                            I don't see it as a forcing to leave or lack of pride but the op cost is what killed the war regime as you all talk of past days I was not around for it but would have like to been


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                              before I just wanted to back in Vegas just because its where I started. Now looking at it, its bringing back fun to us old farts and new. its making our Family the talk, and this thread is proof. We are good with our standings and its an honor to roll with these peeps.

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