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Posting in the forums and freedom of speech

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  • Posting in the forums and freedom of speech

    Guys and Ladies, to be honest and frank with all of you, we [and myself especially] really don't mind open healthy debate about game rules and how players think or prefer the game should be, and provide us with suggestions and feedback - but the reality is that it always ends up with trolling and making really negative and nonsensical comments, which we don't pick up until hours later, or whenever the next staff member gets online.

    As you all of course know, we have told you that this has really proven to be very damaging to the business recently, that's why we take a very hard line on the forums of late. We don't like to be assholes, but we also don't like players who act like assholes. Players will sometimes try to dictate how the game should be and if it doesn't work their way, they portray the game in a bad light and act like spoilt children because they cannot accept changes/rules that is made in the game.

    Such players also try to tell us indirectly how to run our own business and seem to forget that we make rules based on our findings and not on certain player preferences. There's a word for the latter, its called collusion. [being corrupted/biased] if you don't like the rules, we do understand that not everything we do will be liked, but you can also voice your distaste with some class and decorum.

    You play here under our game rules and terms of service, so learn to accept it with grace and if there is something you don't like, then be fucking graceful about how you say it and you won't ever have any problems with staff.

    Don't be an asshole and post it in a negative and unconstructive way and then when we curate you harshly, you cry like little fucking bitches and moan about no free speech. And if you start a controversial topic, and it goes far out of hand and we close the thread after we got sufficient info, don't be a bitch and moan, sufficient info means we got enough data and your point was made/taken/discussed to death.

    Although the forum is public, I urge you all to just think a little before you post, and figure out if you are being constructive and positive or not.

    We can ease up on the way we moderate if players can ease up and adhere to the rules. We will and can chill the fuck out but then you guys need to do the same also and respect the site rules. You can't just walk into any public place and start behaving like an asshole and there are no consequences, so don't give us the BS of free speech. Like...seriously. Get real.

    BUT = I promise we will chill the fuck out from now and see how it goes.

    Don't forget I have a private mailbox and email where you can actually approach me first hand with your problem instead of just running to the boards with sensitive subjects

    my email again: [email protected]

    Game Admin

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    Can't you just suspend the idiots that troll the threads from posting?


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      yeah we will check it out brother...we don't like to do it but sometimes its necessary I guess
      Game Admin


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        Thanks for maintaining an awesome game despite the trolls and moaners. I for one am grateful of the service provided and enjoy the game. Keep up the good work guys


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          you cry like little fucking bitches
          10 day forum ban for player bashing


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            Ja mein fuhrer.


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              Thread closed


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                i have been pretty decent lately...
                It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.


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                  I understand what you are asking for Storm and I agree with you
                  However, sometimes players create topics that have little to nothing to do with the game rules/policy/and staff.

                  but staff comes and close the thread anyway because they assume it might get out of hand
                  that is something I am displeased with and it feels as if we aren't allowed to say anything game related. Might as well remove that forum option.

                  Another thing I have noticed is when we make suggestions and open it up for discussion to the players, you close it immediately
                  I understand suggestions are to be made in the suggestion thread, but we like feedback from the community
                  Storm I have seen you open a thread and search for feedback. We may not be staff but some confirmation that our idea is a good one or bad one would be nice to hear from other players in the game. And NO not voting. Critical criticism.
                  Its like a real job. You would be pretty anxious if you submitted an idea to your boss and he said absolutely nothing about it. Staff very rarely replies to our suggestions. So might as well have our colleagues (players) do so.

                  That is one of the main reason "suggestions" become "game related discussions"
                  Its the feedback we are looking for.
                  Do you want us to create a skype chat, Personal message the whole game, use that chat box thing to talk about this.
                  Because it sure seems like it
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                    SOE we do our research when we need to, not when players tell us to. I know you are not saying this, but that is the facts of it. We ask for and do research when we need it, and player discussions is ok to a degree but after a while it becomes counter productive. We really don't need 24/7 feedback and as I said when we do need it we ask for it in platforms that WE control. So constant player feedback on the forums is not normally to our benefit it just gives us a view of what certain players likes or dislike and is in no way quantifiable. Not everyone uses the forums so only a vocal few tend to make a noise and it has a ripple effgect on the game that wouldnt be there . If you REALLY wanted to help you would message us private,.

                    Players will always do vocalization the forums what they dislike or need changed and it may be counter to what we need to do as management so we dont encourage such discussions from the outset. Players tend to tell us stuff we already know anyway. No offence but that's the truth of it.,
                    Game Admin


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                      hooray for tittahs


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                        Thread closed.


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                          its good 2 hear your going 2 chill abit man cause you have been all drama queen lately,(only my opinion) players got frozen 4 saying boo including me
                          now i no some of my fam were giving u grief but no need 2 treat us all like shit,like just cause u bin an asshole dont mean all staff r assholes
                          anyway that all in the past now so hopefully we can all chillax more (even V)!


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                            i will say this negativity about the game on the forums is better than no activity on the forums. I think storm is pretty fair on what he allows and what he doesn't allow on the forums it's his overzealous SS... arggg i mean staff. See that is joke i'll even put hahaha bye it.

                            you have to realize when closing something or ban someone that is customer or a potential customer so not only are you not helping the game you are indirectly hurting it.

                            of course some things need to be closed and some people need to be banned but those things are obvious or at least they should be. i just get the feeling the staff does it for other reasons like not liking a certain player, trying to impress their boss(storm),or they just want to show off some power.


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                              Thread closed