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Lack of Killers

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  • Lack of Killers

    So, i am curious as to how fullfilling everyone is finding the current gameplay and by gameplay i mean the lack of killers in favour towards collecting in the game stratedgy?
    Are you enjoying this style of play, are you bored by it, are you adapting to it, are you ignoreing it or are you missing the Killing and the fighting/wars that can only Truly be won by force?

    Like i said i am interested in how people feel about this, i myself miss the killing aspect; Not that you can't Kill in the game just that is is much less rewarding and therefore fewer people are doing it.

    I read somewhere that Storm is working on a new Killing model and i hope that this is the case.

    Anyways let's know how you feel and why.

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    I'm more bored of the same 'killing' threads on here.


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      You can still kill the same. You just can't flatten ops like before. I don't think that affects people going for killer ranks.


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        Originally posted by TiggoBitties View Post
        You can still kill the same. You just can't flatten ops like before. I don't think that affects people going for killer ranks.
        Exactly. .and even the ops u can flatten..if you're willing to spend a bunch of money u can kill the games ops lol...they want to deter this style of gameplay..ops killing I mean and 5k does most still kill dus the same tho


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          I miss the good old wars


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            Yeah we need killers
            As ironic as this may sound, "no killers = no looters"

            ironic because I was looted 50 billion last round :P

            I'm not asking the game to be drained in zeroes.
            There needs to be some level of zeros though
            Right now, I feel like I am playing a game of politics

            Who will raise the most money and win the election (sadly, this is new politics in real life)


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              [email protected] you all

              there will always be killers....and you can still kill

              it's the way killing got rewarded that has changed drastically resulting in a game that has more options now instead of the zeroed state caused by some idiots that kept killing even if things were pretty dead already....

              killers their own fault for lacking any responsibility....blame iu and co
              It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.


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                To me, this game is boring without Killer prizes.


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                  no killing = less looting
                  no looting therefore means where does a free player get his rewards for hard work.

                  options are.. blowing a boss or killing but wait the free killing is only top three and only half the reward prize or no prize
                  .. so unless you want to suck some cock you are pretty much shit out of luck. Cuz you are not going to beat some people
                  on here when they decide they are going to kill and get a few points.

                  Ok then even if you do win some credits sucking cock as a free player it would take you 9 days to make two hits on ops .

                  Its fucked.


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                    In actuality no killer prize is probably better for the game. It brings more credibility to killing. I hope they get rid of the medals as well


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                      While uncle soesn't know the details a new killer model is in the works

                      the priority now is the stability of the platform

                      Thread closed