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op hits 5k

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  • op hits 5k

    what is the point? so a free player can do 1 op per round if he uses his reserves.


    to keep this thread open i will say i love this and makes tons of sense.
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    damn that is extreme as there are so many ops out there


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      They want to curb op hits but the best way to do that is just remove the option...


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        now you hurt uncles feeling eli

        of course this thread is closed



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          once again guy's the forum isn't the place to lodge complaints, Uncle lame school will make sure of that

          Storm has his inbox, his Skype, his email, his staff


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            Hi Everyone

            It is our FULL intention to dramatically reduce and possibly remove all killer influences on collectors operatives ... and create a new type of game play and this is the first steps. For now we don't have the controls to turn off operative attacking and also we are working on new game features which will move away from old concepts. The current Killing style of play in this game needs revising and for now we proceed with controls we have at hand to alleviate the issue we have noticed of the heavy killing influence advantage on a collectors gameplay. This is something we are stopping, as it creates imbalance in gameplay styles. We are sorry that it is so drastic but it is the way forward that we will proceed with.

            The gameplay will change soon and will be shifting toward that killers will focus on killing DU's, for kill points direct, get the old or close to similar kill count back and increased prizes again and be able to attack collectors cash and family and union banks as targets and collectors will focus on building ops, making money, protecting their money, maxing their virtual banks [which we will create and simulate player made banks, so they will need some sort of maxing...] and attacking other family and unions banks

            We also have other plans to provide more activity that will require serious skills in the game which we will discuss and reveal later in the first quarter of next year. The landscape of the game will have more activity and the balance for play styles will be the main focus and activity created for every style of play that will incorporate all the things you love to do: attack, loot, max, kill, steal, bank, build, collect...there will be no activity borrowed from other types of games added into the game.

            So for now this is what it is, please bear with us those of you who don't like the current tweaks, we have our reasons why we do it and they may not agree with what some of you like and we understand, but it's not something that can be left unaddressed at the moment by us.

            Game Admin