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    I don't post threads and don't talk non sense on these threads, but I'll dedicate this one to see some opinions out there and your approach to the game balance:
    -Black_cat I'm calling you out first: you seem always negative and I personally do not know you, I am offering you a turbo round of your choice and I am offering you a full control of that round, you specify the ranks and tiers and we won't hit you that round. Now be careful there I am not bribing you, buying you, or seeking your kind words since you bother me not, but here's my stipulations for this: for that round we will announce it on the thread board that it is yours, this is fair because basically every eor players know that we are going for the round, so it's fair that that specific round everyone know that it's yours, and you put the strategy, who we kill and who we leave out along with your players too to help you. The purpose of this is to see how many will be happy with you taking the round and how many you can please. So basically it's a statistic for you and the game, since you seem to care and say that we do not, and then share your experience.
    -On the other hand I am asking you bosses out there, if you rank your family top 5 every round for 20 rounds in a row, with no need to add turns since no one kill you, by round 21 do you think your players will be around loyal to you? if yes then why you think so? if no one is killing anyone and everyone is holding hands and ranking will you be helping the game? who will be spending? and realistically will the subs be useful at that point?
    --What I'm trying to say is that what you need is a strategy of alliances and naps, the game has not changed nor the players did, you don't need to spend big to have fun and you don't need to be in the dominant union or family to enjoy it, what you need is to put a smart tactic to gain respect and control and keep people around you, you guys need to go back to controlling cities instead of controlling the game, Do your people claim a city anymore? do you tell them where to log off? do you lock cities and tell your players how and when to build? I joined your families incognito and did not read any useful information or instruction in your boards.
    Do you brug ppl out of experience or because they have a sub?
    Do you recruit and ask for referrals?
    Do you recognize and offer to help?
    We used to kill each others every round but eor we used to ask enemies for tier and we got that because of the respect we earned.
    Do you plan for turbo and play it with people out of your alliances?
    Do you make a piggy bank and with $3 from each buy at least 1 sub for someone in your family to help with the tier or even the killing?
    There's a lot to mention, and what I'm saying is that we can change this to the best, nothing will change by itself.
    If you were in control, will you ever look at eor and say you know what? last round we took first family gold, this round we will only tier one guy and let our enemy take first family gold because we are nice and want to advance the game? the answer is no, so why do you expect someone else to do that for you?

    ---- Finally and if you are still reading with the Holidays approaching, Happy Holidays to everyone and out of courtesy I am offering a Christmas gift for 5 players,
    The first 5 bosses to dare posting on this thread 3 things that they try doing in their family to keep their players happy and encourage the game can nominate 1 free player for a Christmas gift.

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    I see a lot more spenders this round, especially new players nd old players who used to play a lot more since they got the half-off subs promo going on. which leads me to believe they should make this permanent. and have lower caps on buying credits, which will entice more new and old players which in turn will create more competition and parity.


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      Higher populations , filled cities, the re-birth of 24 hour maxing banks etc etc. I just wish they would bring back a system similar to how they had it with the missions removed but battle trophies still active, it made the hard workers and people who were on all the time rewarded moreso than the farmers etc etc .But that's a whole different topic entirely


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        I am trying to recruit people to my family, I have managed to get a few people
        I also only brug rank the loyal ones in my family that I can depend on for anything
        And I also been able to take a city over all by myself
        So moving on to multiple cities

        I also try satisfying as many people as I can
        I have helped organize things in such away where I can try to please as many people as possible

        I aslo can kick your ass
        Now where the fuck is my Christmas gift


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          If you are what you eat..... then why am I a cunt!

          ▌│█║▌║▌║ ǝ!zuǝʞ ║▌║▌║█│▌


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            Well it's about team playing, so you get to nominate a free player, beside kicking my ass is out of your league also your 3 achievements are not clear :P be specific


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              1.) I got certain players playing again
              2.) I recruited players that quit into the family
              3.) I also logged in one round with like 14 minutes left when there was a huge lag and capped out and had to yell at my favourite admin till my turns got put in since it wasn't working and helped some loser win the turbo


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                dont give the round to blk cat, all he does is bitch and whine. let someone in legends more deserving call the shots =)


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                  I want a christmas gift too! :-)


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                    sheik .. log off.

                    can you tie your shoe laces? take over a city? why not just move into an empty one?

                    you were in there watching .. I did that a couple of times. Would you nap with the people you were watching? Would you stay in the family?

                    control a city ? did you notice that the fifth family was the admins. ?

                    Are you in complete la la land? Give that head of yours a sheik


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                      that was a challenge round, go to past rounds and see that whenever there was challenges, unusual families took hilarious ranks.
                      And with unions needing 30 family members to rank that is an unusual family to take an usual rank, You can always be another black_cat and look at the negative side, why not look that the jp jumped almost 1k in the last hour and people actually spent money and supported the game to keep running instead of saying 5th family was Staff family?
                      Also I do not know you so don't talk to me like if you know me or in a sarcastic way, you have something to tell me that is below my level of respect then jump into main and challenge me there I do not like shit talking


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                        Sheikh I understand your frustration.
                        But its just how it is man.
                        People will also hate the ones who are on top. V was not in that place before, but he is now.

                        There are plenty of families that earn my respect. Though individually I may not be "fond" of them.
                        even HS (I just bit my tongue saying that)

                        They have been here for a long time and every round their families stick together. Same players. Even if the loyal don't show up one round, they not building and recruiting noobs to fill in the void. They do the best they can with what they got.

                        We here at Warriors do the same. Been together for a long time. Train people and are open doors for new people. We can go to 0-100 real fast if you step out of line, fuck up, or fuck us over, but overall we cool.
                        Everything we do here has been family oriented and we just play for the benefit of the family, just like these families I have mentioned
                        Regardless of who is with us or against us.
                        The game has become this 2 sided battle, and we choose not to associate ourselves with this, same as these families.

                        In my opinion, Legends have the potential, but they are too focused on removing IU/RU, rather than playing the game and winning the round. There is no competitive nature in it like I feel my family has with those families I mentioned.


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                          Sorry sheikh love you and all but you'll have to get thru me before that idiot wins a round..ROFL hug*


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                            SOE I agree with you the families you mentioned are worth the shoutout, Warriors, WC, HS and ICS and many other are families that have earned respects and proved that loyalty is not something you can buy.
                            At the end of the day we're here to have fun, I know of new people joining the game and on their first round they are told stuff that is not true, everyone recruiting should encourage new players, you wana help the game we all can do it.
                            Admins keep changing rules to accommodate complaints but realistically everyone need to change the way we look at the game and treat it differently.
                            When I talk about controlling cities, it's because it starts from the smallest achievements, when your new player join they will be happy with the 300mil they loot or the 10k dus they kill, so why not give them smaller goals.
                            I remember when I joined on my first round, I asked the boss that recruited me how do I make 40tril like that guy on top of ranks and he said don't worry about these people yet, learn to kill, loot and collect and then you can do it, that encouraged me to learn also helped me stay to find that "buy" button cz this was the 1st online game I play and im a grown ass man.
                            Are we doing that to new players? are we helping them look at the smaller picture? training them? yes some people are doing that but many others are not


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                              And also we await your response V. We know u just got your card pulled but will do nothing but spew anti iu bullshit...this was the perfect thread for you to open your eyes abit and see hate blinds you and clouds your judgements and view of the game....I've seen lots of new spenders the past couple rounds as a few of you have pointed you..I like that...come up with a cohesive plan and teamwork with a dash of game skill added in and you stand a chance to upset the establishment and introduce a wee bit of chaos...many have tried all have failed but who knows...I certainly welcome you all to try futile as your attempt will be..I know the rest of my contemporaries agree