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    is this because i think lopov is a narcistic bitch unable to play this game and too focussed on getting other (irrelevant) players zeroed?

    because i will stick to that....

    and yes iu never made a secret out of the fact they hate this game and the people in i will keep disliking them

    besides i never picked a fight with any of them....they started zeroing ICS and when we asked why it was because of Omerta!?

    makes sense....

    anyway you can keep your money/credits/rounds....i don't need anything from iu

    and sheikh...often hoped you were another kind of iu but you're equally silly
    It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.


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      NB we never leave instructions on the family board because we are well aware of all the iu peeps sneaking in frequently
      It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.


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        how likely are you to play if you get zeroed for well over 3 years?

        just try and think before you say something this time....
        It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.


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          To be fair to Sheikh, he's one of the good ones....


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            You all suck donkey dick, except for sheikh, he sucks elephant penis. the stormy kind.


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              What about the msgs u've sent to sheikh after u read all this, saying that u full fill top 3 options he posted


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                Hahaha don't keep us waiting, show us the messages


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                  i'm impressed people read that and could understand it.

                  i actually think if you support the site you should be able to post whatever you want in the forums and never be banned for stupid things, in reason of course. So i support this almost unreadable post.


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                    I don't understand. Why would you give a round to black-cat???


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                      He is giving someone who hates Iu the chance to do what ever the fuck they want to

                      His point, is to show, that no matter, you won't keep everyone happy.
                      So even if it is IU not winning, who ever is winning, will still have people upset in the game.

                      If Iu/Ru wasn't around, it would just be another family/union doing the same thing.

                      You guys all hate Iu/Ru, but have any of you guys ever tried making a proposition to them?
                      If you guys don't even have balls to make some type of treaty, how the fuck are you going to get anything done?
                      Don't say we don't take any alliances, because we do have some, and Ichi made a thread about it, but that got removed for some reason, and he did it again.


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                        i don't hate IU . The amount of time talking about IU is ridiculous. The amount of time giving responses to a couple of losers who do nothing but cry is equally as ridiculous. Seriously you have a superfly that can't play the game well and can't figure out why he comes short and a V that does what in the game other than promo his disdain for IU. This doesnt represent the majority. The majority do not come to the forum.


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                          what shits me is you all complain about talk of IU or interviews on top players in IU- thing is if they are winning why cant we write about them- also I then interviewed across the game other players and giving them respect and advertising their history game play ect ect

                          YOU CANT MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY!!! CAUSE you still get the shit talk.

                          Now when you are also in the position of being a leader running a UNion or a Family there are alot of things to deal with- running the banking system- organising the killers- considering who gets what- who deserves what ect ect Doing the transfers for the tier ranks/union fam ranks

                          So I think Shiekh simply is asking for everyone to consider his position as a leader in a union- and not to be looked at as the bad guy, personally In my opinion there are good leaders there..

                          I have worked with them and fought them- I still will hold my respect for the members who have given me that same respect.

                          Alot of players bitch but do they run stuff? run turbos run unions??
                          How much work do they put in?


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                              shut it raven your just as bad !

                              blah blah


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                                I'll steal that round