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  • Rookie killers

    We all know killing is the funnest thing in the game, and that there are killers who have been there for a long time and have experience. But when they'll stop playing, we'd need other killers to keep this game fun. So any special mentions to rookie killers out there???
    I've gotta say triggerman23 and sax_solo in turbo round merit a special mention

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    you should drink and kill thats way funnier , or collect whatever


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      I never use to kill, never really done it, last 5 rounds I've been back I have got 2 medals and been in top 10 penty. Mainly turbos but this main round I'm sitting pretty good on my kill count too...


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        I actually only just tried the BTs killing last round, I always hated it, but now that I think about it, its really a lot like looting, so I guess the best "killers" if you can call it like that, will be the ones with most resources to either get a shitload of DUs and just brute force it, or people who will have most time to be online, which is cool


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          Rookie Killers are most likely vets from another mafia game that came to TMB
          So they not really rooks in my opinion.
          I've seen it.
          Who joins a game and earn 200k kill points with ease in 2-3 days?

          A REAL NOOB would hit your HQ, then armory, then drugs, steal 1 car or kill 10 operatives. Then leave the city
          Thats when I tell them "Welcome to Themafiaboss"


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            killers are heavily overrated....
            It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.