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Should the person getting attacked get kills also?

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  • Should the person getting attacked get kills also?

    This one is going to take some thinking.

    Should the person getting attacked get kills also? I have always felt that the person who got attacked should get turns also for the dus that their guys killed.

    If a person were to build to 100k dus and get attacked and then the attacker loses at a 1 to 4 ratio. I feel with such a pathetic attack, the person who got hit should get kill points too.

    Storm drove-by shooting at your headquarter. 2155 of your boys got whacked. 8750 of Storm's boys were also killed.

    I think this type of addition to killer points would make people choose thier targets more wisely. I think that this would also help when someone builds huge to a million dus, spending lots of credits/cash and then gets attacked and zeroed right away. At least they would have the kills points gain.

    So the question is should the attackee get points, just like the attacker? If so, should it be just as many the attacker or should it be a smaller ratio?
    Yes, but not as many as attacker (smaller ratio)

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    Explain if you guys think this would be a good addition to the game.


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      Also, this thread does NOT count towards the forum contest.

      This is actually more for game development. So please feel free to vote and express your feelings.


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        I think people shouldn't concentrate too much on how kill points work, as hopefully they won't be here much longer.

        But i'll vote yes anyway, as you are right.


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          I believe it used to happen back in the day, but it was used for farming. The guy with the big du's just sat back as his friends attacked him, suiciding and giving him the easy the big du guy rarely if ever maxed this way. I think it would just be an even easier way for farmers to do their thing. A collector hires small amounts at a time, hits his buddy to give kills(since they don't really need du's) and is less likely to get hit by hitters. Win win for farmers and collectors alike. Course with no killer medals or turns, what difference does it really make?


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            then all a player needs to do is build up dus and log off each day like collectors. suiciding galore. nah i believe if you get a killer medal then earn it and kill.
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              and this thread will be kinda pointless cos there will soon be no attack button. guns will be replaced with hot wax or something.
              If you are what you eat..... then why am I a cunt!

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                Farmers ruin everything in TMB. Lol. You guys are right about that. I do remember people farming that way at some point.

                I get your point Mack. But I'm trying to think how do you keep a spending/buying person around. Like if a new supporter came about and decided, this game is cool let me spend $100 bucks and build to 600k dus. Boom, they are zeroed by an IU member like yourself minutes later. Now they have literally nothing to show for the $100 bucks they spent. They log off and never come back here.

                The more people in this game, the better it will get.

                I'm trying to think of a way to still keep they game fun with unrestricted hits, while still being able to attract new supporters without them instantly being turned off.

                I do understand your point though. Like someone in the killer ranks should at least press the attack button a couple times.


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                  come on guy's, storm has talked and talked about this

                  thread closed