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Lets talk about rules & the changing of them

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  • Lets talk about rules & the changing of them

    Greetings Mafiosos,

    We notice that players still indiscriminately attack all collector players and diminish their game play enjoyment.

    So to improve this, We have further increased the price to attack operatives for this new round 620. We apologize to have to do this for now... we don't want to slip back to let players dictate how the game gets played for everyone else.

    "we don't want to slip back to let players dictate how the game gets played for everyone else. "

    Am I the only one who see's the wrong in this? Players have ALWAYS dictated the way the game get's played for everyone else, it was either, join an alliance or get your ass handed to you until you could start your own thing, which always took forever, then it was either join an alliance &or enter naps etc or your entire family becomes a target.

    Either way the game play was always dictated by the players, for the players (all be it usually the biggest supporters shaped the rules of the community *NOT THE RULES OF THE GAME* etc). Am I the only one who now see's with the constant rule changes etc etc that the game can no-longer be dictated as to how it's played by the people actually playing it? Which was essentially what was happening in "the golden years"?

    This is not meant to be any sort of attack on anyone or the game it's self, I still love TMB, which is why I keep logging back in. But yea the more the rules change the more the current state of affairs seems to remain the same.

    Bring back the rules from say.......(guesstimate) round 200. For say 5 rounds. See what happens.

    Let the community speak. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE.
    Keep the rules the same as they are now.
    Keep changing the rules until we finally find the golden formula
    Put the old rules back in place, from rounds 150-200

    The poll is expired.

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    Hi Russ/Everyone

    Unfortunately, regards the "old days", what worked then doesn't work now and it became an issue in the first place that lead to the game as a business was not sustainable. Also players dominating/dictating the way the game gets played, due to some things in the game design also leads to the same thing.

    The reason the rules changed a lot right now and several tweaks are happening, is because we are trying to get the best of then and now.... we had a rule set that is not working mow recently, which means the business was not making money.... and we had to change it but didn't want to go back to a set of rules that was not sustaining the business in the first place.

    Regards players dictating the rules, this doesn't work over time...e.g Cyp, Islander and even up to the latest state of game where killers have an advantage - again leads to that the game is not sustainable as a business. It doesnt make enough money to survive. So it has shifted to a state where you play and we design the game play.

    Sorry for being a kill joy, good people... but this is the issue and is what it is. No amount of debate is going to change it and threads like this just lead to negativity. So we also prefer that we don't allow rules discussions on the forums please, as much as is possible.

    We will provide opportunity moderated by the staff to have such discussions when we want to introduce further changes again in manageable and non chaotic environments. We will setup relevant polls and discussions when we need to, we currently do know where the problem areas are and they are discussed elsewhere. As always, also, you can all send message to us in game with ideas, we dont throw them away.

    - Thread closed.
    Game Admin