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Forcing families to join the cause.

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  • Forcing families to join the cause.

    In the past when UT was fighting against IU they told RawDeal to join them and help against IU if not they would be hit.

    Titans did the same with London union.

    Even me, while I was in Hitsquad we broke the nap with west coast since they were nothing to us and was helping IU. I had the honor to say fuck off to Blizz that time. lol

    Now I saw Viking comments on the blog review saying the same thing about warehouse.

    So the question is, for you, is that okay? Is just a war strategy to hit others and force them to help in the "cause". Or that is just a bullshit?

    What do you all think? Discuss.

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    it's a strategy. It forces people to pick a side out right or with their actions or non actions. Because sometimes not doing something is actually doing something.


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      you are up in the contest great thread


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        I think its bullshit

        If you have to try and bully someone into trying to help with your cause, then most likely one of two things, or sometimes both, are coming into play

        1. Your cause is self motivated, and other people don't want to get ivolved

        2. You are an asshole, and no one wants to work with you


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          Nice post though, agreed it will be a good discussion


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            so how come when IU has the similar attitude. you either with us or you aint. we all the bad ones. we are dictating how the game is run blah blah blah. but now it emerges that viking etc is doing the same thing. its war stradegy
            If you are what you eat..... then why am I a cunt!

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              Or despite the rules and op hits cost we just zero everyone anyway. .

              Oh wait.........


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                Just like in real life back in the world wars etc. If you were of a certain age, male etc, you had no choice but to fight, you were handed a gun and marched into battle. If you refused to fight for your country you were punished.


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                  On a serious note tho..good's definitely a viable strategy...and tho dom is partly right sometimes it might be in they're best interests to work with whoever is doing the bullying...speaking on what I see and in regards specifically to nameless viking Wc and whoever else is involved i will say..I'm all for competition. .i like challenges. .i only move now when there is I hope all of you iron out something and provide one..give me something to do


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                    Idk why we are slamming Viking..

                    Harry had a good response to dom's blog. Basically he said he enjoyed reading about Dom's family but then Dom started talking about what Viking said and what jackanapes and dynasty were thinking.. In court they call it heresy...


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                      I specifically said I wasn't speaking for scar

                      And I was reporting on what my family was going through. I didn't specifically put words in anyones mouth, didn't quote anything or copy and paste messages, which I could have done if i wanted to look like an asshole.

                      What davidd said/did and what viking said/did was as reported. If they want to dispute that themselves, its their right.


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                        Thanks for the compliments. I just noticed the forum contest. It has nothing to do with it but of course if you guys wanna post i wont be sad

                        Yeah about the subject, I noticed this happening for the last 2 years just thought to know what you guys think about it.


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                          and just to be clear im not blaming anyone here just saying the facts, correct me if im wrong.


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                            Your either with the fight or against it. but forcing them to hit thats there decision


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                              This is actually a very interesting thread for me because i have just returned to T.M.B on the last day of last round and i used to be in the RD family and i was with syndicates before them. round 449 level 1 2nd place I-O-U-etc is me with other placed rankings in the history but couldnt be bothered to check .. however there where times we decided to hit UT but also times we refused which would end in all out war pretty much... being the underdogs to the 2 family/unions was a little stressful at times but in order to survive you have to comply with a greater power than yours otherwise it would end in your destruction............

                              This is a mafia based game and im sure the mafia would consider the act so i therefore have no hard feelings a mans got to do what a mans got to do