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Best guns to buy for low net worth building?

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  • Best guns to buy for low net worth building?

    What do you guys think is the best guns to buy for keeping your net worth low, while still being protected. If I were to have 100k du's I would do the following.

    70k AK's
    20k shotguns
    20k glocks

    What do you guys think? What's is your best low net gun combination? Is this worth it or better to just arm full AK's.

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    to gonna die regaurdless I keep 10000handguns if im zeroed I have 0 weapons XD


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      Half armed so the fuckers gotta work for.

      Fuck the free world, may hell rain fire upon you.


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        There is little point in either. If you low build with glocks someone will kill you, if you keep fully armed with ak's, someone will kill you. It's mindless killing on all fronts.
        Take away ALL prizes and medals for killing, then the pointless kills will stop.

        I'm sure every single person playing this game, that played 5+ years ago would agree that it was more fun when people had a chance to actually build some dus, then go into an organised battle with your family / union around the 4/5 day mark.

        I will give an example.
        Wesker hit me. Now I don't want to sound like I'm complaining here either. He hit me around 13 times and zeroed my 20k dus or whatever it was. The question is why. Why did he do that? What threat do I pose to him or his union/ family with those dus? None. But...... he feels like killing for no reason. Didn't even do it for KP's, as I would have been KP maxed after a couple hits.

        Fyi, worst hits ever. I thought he was an experienced player turns out not so much lol


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          Fucking wesker is a NOOB