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  • Reminiscent of cities glory. .

    Alrite first off fuck bad influence for being a bitch ass stalker no pussy getting ingrate and fuck whoever else is with him..As v once said go hug some train tracks and never let go...moving on. ..

    Ok so I'm quite drunk..and got to thinking about the old days and an interesting subject came to mind...A conversation we can all participate in..veterans can swap old war stories and such and noobies can learn a thing or two. .This thread that will probably undoubtedly turn into a name calling worthless sack of shit before long because you fucks have the attention span of gold fish and the inability to stay on topic. .but I digress..i wanna talk about the cities of tmb..I'll be highlighting some notable families from each see a fam you're with now or was with or had some type of experience with drop a story in or two. ...or don't. little preamble is short just saying I don't have the answer and won't even think of one. .idk rather it's the rules or just the population decline but cities have become borderline pointless. .others have given some good ideas to staff to bring back that factor and I hope staff listens and does something......If I can't remember the fam name remember I'm drunk as shit so correct me or something lol..lastly I've been playing for 8 years so I've seen mostly everything. ....without further ado

    Buenos Aires- gone to 7 people here nowadays but used to be one of the largest cities in tmb thanks to Devil's gate....ran by Darkstarr..yours truly was here for a hot moment....was never a good sign seeing their icons in your town. .After they left i remember ares being pretty notable and can't forget MIT..or the men in tights. .A indie family not for the weak. ...last few years tho I remember a few fams trying to grab a foothold but none lasted long so it's gone to waste now..

    Chicago- good ol chi town... Most notable fams outta here are Generation. .A bunch of puppets for Coral and his mobsters club.....Enforcers were big too. .Also south side must be mentioned. .they're still hanging in there. .

    London- only one that sticks out here is the blood union of old. .nowadays locos hang on..sure I'm missing a few outta here but I really don't remember any powerhouses from here

    Cleveland- must mention another fam I rolled with first THE RHINO PARTY! !! Only old fucks and some phx vets will know what I'm talking about and the story behind it...bunch of Canadians lol......woodsman and his moctezuma family ran this town for years. .they're the most notable outta here by far. .don't think much has came from here since they left..

    Detroit- my home city in rl and this game. .not much has happened here I don't know about where as I might miss a few on the other towns. .anywho. .shit the list is long for this one..we have Heavens, Rebels, Phoenix, Hitsquad few more but those were the majors ones. .still one of larger towns with phx and hitsquad hanging in there. .and myself lol

    Hong Kong- like I said correct me if I'm wrong. .only can think of one fam of note and that's hku... the Hong Kong union...not too much to say about them didn't interact too much personally. .nowadays another wasteland of tmb.

    Instabul- ok totally unbiased here but iu is about it outta here..i don't remember anyone else. .i know they had a war back in the days with some incumbent people here..kinda turf war I guess but I don't know the details or remember the prevalent family before them. .anyone knows anything please feel free to comment

    Las Vegas- struggle with this one. ..i remember a offshoot pissheads fam..we will get to them later. ..i remember some outlaw guys....hooligans of course....biggest and best bunch outta here was domenicos Clericuzio or however u spell it. .he's still around. .boss of nameless now. .city he once ruled is yet another wasteland lol

    Liverpool- no disrespect to anyone else but only one fam really worth mentioning outta here and that's Foundhell..ran by bishop and Realt....another wasteland nowadays. .i do remember para bellum being pretty big but that mightve been London. .I'm drunk so shut up lol

    Tokyo- such a meh town lol..always has been. ..Top fam outta were for fucks sake I don't remember. .lol I know there names but can't recall now. .Daniele was here and they always worked with omerta...shit..Imma ask the audience but old timers know who I'm thinking of..nowadays. ..wasteland lol

    L.A- couple fams outta here worth mentioning. .inner circle was a strong indie fam..of course west coast. .One of the largest and most powerful fams ever on here. ..they're still hanging in there too. .shout out to blizzard raven and the rest of you keeping it alive. .

    Montreal- Gmk was a pretty good one outta here Phoenix for a time..but Goatboys Ics rules here. .still do..He might be gone but they're still hanging in there. Much smaller tho lol..they're up in my top 5 of all time lol..

    Moscow- let's see..back in the day Bosphorous or whatever were pretty notable. .Moscow blood union of course. .RU. .mbu and ru still are going strong but like every other city thus one has seen it's decline. .hats off tho to viking and sheikh for keeping the pride alive. .

    New York- the mecca lol..always was the biggest city..Most noobs start here..idk the numbers now but probably hasn't changed. .quite a few fams of note called Ny home. .yours truly did at one time. ....biggest peeps outta here numbers wise was nycu..which wasn't one fam but a collection of fams..Some of there vets still roam around like raven chopperjo ironclad luke. ..pissheads came outta here. .another top 5 fam of all time..ran by the turkish fairy bald guy cypriot. .they controlled the game for years right along with the top fam from our next city.....

    Palermo- still here but a shell of its former glory like everyone else here lol..The only fam worth mentioning outta here is omerta. .ran by pops for years and now a days by whoever the hell runs it idk but I know they're personal top fam of all time on sheer numbers and influence. .i ran here for abit and remember going on the freewebpages and counting over 60 families lol..hats off to whoever has been keeping my personal top fam going all these years

    Tampa- Troys theme fams come to mind. A larger union here I recall as well abit later but don't remember their name. .cookie to whoever gets it right. .I'll remember it when I see it

    Sydney- last but not least..Top fam outta here I think was the sbu..or Sydney blood union...never being quite as large as the other cities on this list they were a force to be reckoned with for a few years. ..another wasteland nowadays tho

    Honorable mention...i didn't forget them but I was off fighting for freedom and all that good stuff so I missed alot of their reign on top and don't quite remember what city they called home. .think it was Hong Kong. .but I'm sure I'll be corrected if I'm wrong. .have to mention the 14 union...idk who ran it maybe Giles gay ass but I know who was the power here and his name was islander. .arguably one of the most influential players ever...have to be if they change the rules cuz u cheat or whatever the story is..i wasn't here just telling you what I heard ROFL...

    Anywho that's that. .comment away with your stories corrections..anyone I mightve missed..This is what I remember tho so don't get snappy lol..cheers bitches

    Afterword. ..This is the right one..I'm drunk posted twice so tryna fix it lol. .shouldve waited till I was sober for this shit
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    you still missed one daftcunt


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      Rofl O shit I'll look and add it...


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        i do despair at amateurs, i really do


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          Hey don't judge me I said clear as day bugger nuts I'm drunk.....There i added crappy ass London. .now enjoy


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              I read every single word, 3 times


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                .........reading is fundamental


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                  Though all I have is a 3 year badge, I've actually been around this game for 5 years. Probably active in just 4 years

                  Las Vegas: I was with HKU during a time and I remember them having Las Vegas on lock until IU decided to war with them.
                  HKU was big, but big with noobs. Me being one of them at that time

                  Liverpool: Of course Warriors came from Liverpool. But people often forget Lostboys originated there too. My fam moved to moscow few months after, but we allied with Lostboys. And I think we have to give respect where its due, because Lostboys still held down the city and put their fam name up on the boards.

                  Hong Kong: UC??? They were pretty big back then. Had like 3-4 full families. Cheese people one of them.

                  Buenos Aires: Very recently, I remember seeing OTF family in this city. Once they joined IU, they just disappeared.


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                    Nice to know how drunk fun can be for you Drob lmao


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                      Hey soe I told you I wouldn't remember everyone lol...and the guys outta Tokyo I couldn't remember were Uml.....

                      Super _ fly. ...well pops ok..Some might say he's even more influential. .i didn't say islander was the top guy..just one of the more influential. .right up there with cypriot pops coca eck..just cuz I don't mention them in the same light doesn't mean I don't view them as such. ...v and hb tho? ? Come on lol..i have nothing against either but in order to be in that group you have to at least take some rounds...that's just one of my prerequisite markers. ..Neither of them have neither have ever come close either so no they don't get mentioned. .i did give props to v for carrying on Ics tho so I give credit where it's due as long as I remember lol..


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                        You say "your city" Detroit, but you didn't even mention infamous the family that built Detroit on this game


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                          This is all relative and my personal opinion. .If I didn't mention a specific family either i forgot or they were not worth mentioning. .i remember infamous. .wouldn't go as far as to say they built's my believe Phoenix Hitsquad Etc are more notable. .especially since they are still around. .i take that into account as well..but sure if u think they deserve to be noted by all means..that's the point in making the thread


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                            Vegas was jokers, original outlaws, and clericuzio...optimus prime ran jokers and koldkilla ran outlaws...nice post


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                              Great read, one of the first forum blogs I have read from start to finish for a while.

                              First of all god these where the days, numbers where high and cities meant so much, we didn't win turns for owning the city but it meant so much more, I honestly believe to get these days back, we need transfers on for the whole game so banks can start again. I am the first to say I would spend far more time on this site if that was the case.

                              The family in Istanbul before IU was republic run by bigben, but since IU formed istanbul has only had one owner.

                              The other one that I am shocked that wasn't mentioned is dantegotti and the mighty 42_hitters :-)